Getting ORAC to work with midi mixer

Hi I have a Launch Control XL that I’ve been trying to use to control my orac modules. I’ve checked that I’m sending out of channel 1 via USB. Ogranelle OS detects my controller but I’m not able to get midi learn to work.

Clear instructions here would be helpful, sorry for being a newb!

I would check your MIDI settings in your router module and see if they’re set to receive on channel 1

Have you set up midi on the orac settings pages?

Each chain has its own midi settings.

Thanks guys. Here’s exactly what I’ve done.

in MIDI Setup menu

Midi in channel: Omni
Device: Launch control

Moving to ORAC,

Berryloops module in A1

Chain 1 Midi:
In midi on
In midi ch. 1
Out midi ch 0

A. Dest 0
A. Midi Ch 1

A. Ctrl 2:
A. Note off
A. Ctrl on

Then I go back to Berryloops, enable Midi learn, twist the knob to switch sample, then twist the knob on my Launch control. Disable midi learn. Go back, nothing works

I’ve also tried variations here, and have verified that the Launch control is sending out to Channel 1. First CC is 13

When you still have MIDI learn enabled, are you able to get the knob on your Launch control to recognize and move the value of the knob in Berryloops?

If yes and it only stops working after you disable midi learn, you need to make sure the knob values are at something other then zero when you disable it otherwise it will ‘unlearn’.

There might be something weird going on where the middle position on the knobs represent zero so choose a weird position like 5 o clock on the knob and then disable MIDI learn.

Also side note, if you have more then 127 samples loaded in Berryloops, I recommend using the regular knobs because normal MIDI only has resolution of 127 values as compared to the very fine resolution of the Organelle knobs.

If you are still having trouble and are only going to use knobs, I use a MIDI Fighter Twister for a knob controller and it is awesome. It was super easy to set up, its very slick and sturdy, and very customizable.

Yeah no nothings moving. Is it possible the Launch Control just doesn’t work with Organelle? Is there any way to test if this is really the case or to get it to work?

Well I wanna say if the Organelle recognizes it as a midi device in the MIDI setup then it should work because I think the XL is class compliant :confused: I’m assuming it works just fine with your normal daw setup? Maybe a different usb cable? Maybe you could try to get a Usb to MIDI converter and then use the midi in (assuming you have an m or s)