Orac 2.0 incoming audio

I apologize in advance if this is an obvious question. How do I play incoming audio in orac? Even if I load an fx patch in a1, for example, nothing comes thru. I see the incoming audio bar lighting up but it doesn’t pass. If I exit orac and load an fx patch alone it works. I have tried reinstalling orac but that doesn’t help.

Also, is there a way to play incoming audio while working in a non-fx patch?

You have to go to the Parallel module (C#1 + encoder), then go to the Gain Chain you want to use by pressing F#2 for Gain Chain 1, A2 for Gain Chain 2 or roll the enconder to the right for Gain Chain 3 while you are still on Parallel and there you have to turn up the in gain from L and R