Orac 2.0 on Organelle M: Questions / Issues

I’ve installed Orac and can see how it works, I’m having trouble with a few things:

  1. I’ve assign a1 to delay, and then I go to play with my input (quarter-inch cable connected to “IN”), and there is no sound coming out - what do I need to do to get orac to identify and process my input?

  2. I would like to upload new samples that I’ve crafted onto a sampler in orac, but I can’t find where this would be in the .local storage when I connect via the server. What folder is this in?

  3. I copied and pasted “Granular Freezer” to the orac fx folder via the server, but it doesn’t show up when I then go to the organelle to use it via orac. Is this patch usable in orac?

Thank you so much everyone!

  1. You’ll need to turn the gain up for the inputs for the chain you want to send it through. This is done through the router module which is placed in the low C#. Scroll until you find Chain A Gain and turn up the left input gain. I would also go to the Chain A Pan settings and set the Left input Pan to be in the middle position in case your guitar is just going through one channel.

  2. Samples are stored in the /sdcard (or /usbdrive if running off that) /media/orac (or /orhack if you are running that instead of the OG Orac)/kits and you can place samples in their respective folders to build up your kits

  3. If you are referring to this patch Grain Freeze | Patchstorage then no, it is not directly supported by Orac. Orac requires some additional steps for patches to function and be considered fully supported. However, you can check out the Orac Easter Egg patch which lets you convert patches that work with the Organelle and use in Orac. This has some downsides albeit. Namely, you can only have one instance of that module in your entire preset and there is no guarantee that it will actually work properly. Organelle patches can be converted to Orac but it does require a bit of Pure Data know how. Mark Harris (thetechnobear and creator of Orac) has a video on his channel showing the conversion process to use the Easter Egg patch but it is very simple. If you want an actual conversion tutorial, he has that as well

If you are looking for modules that are supported by Orac specifically, I would recommend checking out Orac | Patchstorage When you do download these patches, place them in sdcard/media/orac(maybe orhack)/usermodules and put them in their respective folders however you see fit.

Hi, so grateful for your response.

  1. thank you, that worked great!
  2. still not working for me - I’m using the sampler not in the traditional sense of creating a beat, but triggering a spoken phrase and altering it in the moment. My samples are between 1-10 mb, I wonder if that has something to do with it? I’ve put 4 (named them by number, 1 2, 3, 4) in “kit 1,” I’ve assigned a sequencer to b1, then b2 I’ve assigned Sampler24. I go to the second page where it reads “kit 1, slot 1 1, slot 2 1, slot 3 1” and I’m still not hearing my samples when I press low C C# D and Eb, it’s just silence. Wondering what I’m doing wrong here.
  3. ah ok, wishful thinking, thanks for the link reminder, I’ll check out more of what’s been developed.

endless thanks for you!

File size should not be a problem. If you are triggering a spoken phrase, you might want to check out Octaloops. Create a folder at /sdcard/media/samples and you can put anything in there and then change the sample source to point to that directory. You can then use your sequencer to play it or set the sample to loop and mess with the all the parameters available while it is playing

Thank you so much for your helpful replies, I’m still not quite understanding how to change the sample source to point to that directory, tried a couple different things and that hasn’t been working for me. Any tips on that?

It depends on the sampler you are using. Different modules have different ways of changing the source. If you are using my module Octaloops, you change the sample source directory on the last page. Make sure that the sdcard/media/samples directory is created. The directories it points to are usually located in /media/samples and then their respective kits are placed in that directory or you can use that as a catch all directory.

Got it - I see where you change the sample source directory, and have changed to media/samples/kit-1 where I have put most of my samples, but now I’m having issues hearing them and making sure I’m even triggering them, as nothing is playing. How are they triggered within the module?

C, C#, D, and D# control 1, 2, 3, and 4. E is a global. F, F#, G, and G# control 5, 6, 7, and 8. The lower octave controls starting and upper octave controls stopping

I am also working on an update which addresses some bugs so hang tight for that

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