Orac 2: converting patches into modules

Hi all,
I went through this detailed tutorial

for converting patches into modules for Orac 2. I tried to replicate the same path to create the module “nori smapler+” from the homonimous patch (here “+” just because there is already “nori sampler” in the current Orac2 patch).

I supposed I followed all the steps correctly, also the warnings across the tutorial (and I do not see any error message on the pd screen).

  1. nothing is displayed on the screen
  2. the knobs values are not recieved (for example if I open “sampler voice” on VNC viewer I clearly see that no number changes if I move knob 1)

Now, I am wondering what’s went wrong during the process. I want also to mention that I did the whole process in two steps (so a half step in one day, saved all and turn off the organelle, and then all the rest in another day). Not sure if this matters (maybe not…).

Anyhow, here below the details of module.json file:
“name” : “norisampler+”,
“display” : “Nori sampler+”,
“parameters” : [
[“pct”,“n_start”,“Start Point”,0,100,0],
“pages” : [

and here below a screenshot of module.pd (I suppose the problem is here).
Anyone can see where the problem could be or how can I spot it?


Just curious, are you uploading you custom module to /sdcard/media/orac/usermodules ?
Could you maybe share your module, so I can try it out on my machine?

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regarding the first question, no, I have just duplicated the patch “orac” as “orac+” into another patch folder and there I added in “modules” subfolder the new module “nori sampler+”.
Regarding the second question, I am sorry, but I have unfortunately deleted the duplicated patch (so silly…) and now I need to redo all from scratch :frowning:
I will share the patch as soon as I recreate the module.


Just a quick notification, even though I am trying to replicate again the steps of the tutorial (and I will attach the module as soon as possible), in my opinion the problem is that the current tutorial refers to Orac 1.0.
So this makes me think that the process will never work the same on Orac 2.0.
As a matter of fact, you can see already that the file module.pd and module.json, that Technober uses, come from a module “U-default” which in Orac 2.0 does not exist anymore (actually all the patches you see in the tutorial are named differently). Furthermore, the module.pd files in Orac 2.0 are different from Orac 1.0 (in Orac 2.0 there are less details).

For this reason, I think that a new turial is need. If it already exists, does anyone know where it is?



Indeed, the tutorial was made at the time for Orac 1. But I don’t think there is another one for Orac 2, but there isn’t a lot of changes, and it should be easier to do this on Orac 2. (see here and here )
To follow this tutorial, I used the Empty module and deleted all the bits on the right that does the “Press encoder…” message.
I believe there are less elements in Orac 2’s modules as much is now covered by Orac itself and doesn’t need to live in each modules.
Also, feel free to join the module developer thread :+1:.

Hi clemi,
sorry for the long delay… I have finally replicated the module as in the tutorial. Please see the attached (I renamed the module just “nori” since in orac 2.0 there is already “norismapler”). I tried to follow all the steps as in the video (including the warnings). But as we already mentioned this module should just work on orac 1.0 (although I did not try yet) and most likely there is less to do in orac 2.0.

Just curious to know the major differences.


nori.zip (371.7 KB)