Orac 2: CV tools

The following is a collection of modules for integrating modular hardware gear with Orac and your Organelle

download here : https://patchstorage.com/orac-cvtools/

Status: currently in Beta, it will be included in the next release of Orac as standard

Platform: Organelle-1, Organelle-M


  • Orac 2
  • DC coupled audio interface

What modules are available? what do they do?

(subject to change :wink: )

  • cv clock
    an extension to exisiting clock module, allowing you to output a cv clock signal (1/16) , or slave Organelle clock via cv (1/16th).
  • cvin note
    takes v/oct and velocity (or gate) and drive organelle synths etc. (monophonic)
  • cvin mod
    has up to 4 cv inputs used to modulate parameters in other orac modules
  • cvin audio
    takes up to 2 cv/audio inputs and puts them into the chain.
    (this allows for
  • cvout note
    takes notes and outputs cv for v/oct, vel and gate
  • cvout mpe
    like cvout note, but also outputs timbre and pressure. (y/z) as cv
  • cvout macro
    4 params which can be output as CV
  • cvout audio
    outputs up to 2 cv/audio streams from chain

note: modules refer to the cv outputs as ‘channels’ - 0 = no channel, as so is inactive.
note: PDs docs says that changing changing channels will interrupt the cv/audio stream

How do I use them?

well this is up to you… and I’ll be doing a video shortly (so subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already),
but some examples to help get you started with some ideas, that might not be obvious.

cv clock, also still has the internal, midi and link clocks available, so you can do thinks like be an Ableton Link client, and then output that clock to your Eurorack system.

cvin note, put at head of chain, then use a eurorack sequence to sequence your Organelle.
cvout note, use an organelle sequencer to drive your eurorack oscillators etc

cvin mod, use your eurorack system to modulate parameters within orac.

cvout macro, use an orac modulator (e.g. modulate/lfo) to modulate these macro parameters and send cv to your eurorack

cvin audio, allows you to route more than the standard 2 channels of audio into a chain, so you can process in orac… (e.g. have 3 chains of fx for your eurorack)
cvout audio, allows you to output to channels other than 1/2, e.g. if you want wet/dry mix to your eurorack

note: default router (parallel) will use the first 2 channels as audio input and audio output.
this is easy enough to change, or you can just set gain to zero and ignore.


install as a user module this means placing the contents in the user modules directory
usb: /usbdrive/media/orac/usermodules
sdcard: /sdcard/media/orac/usermodules

you can do this via the patch manager.

(keep them all in the cvtools folder)

if you have done this step correctly, the new cvtools category will appear in the orac modules next time you restart orac.

now you need to setup orac for your DC couple audio interface…

Configuring PD/Orac for your DC Coupled audio interface

What I recommend is you copy the orac patch directory, so you have a new one … I usually call it “erac”.
Then in erac directory, add a file called pd-opts.txt, it needs to contain the following :


-audiodev 3 -audiobuf 10 -inchannels 4 -outchannels 8


-audiodev 7 -audiobuf 10 -inchannels 4 -outchannels 8

(the above is for the ES-8, but I think should work for others)

audiodev = audio device, -listdev on PD will show, but Id expect the above will be correct
audiobuf = audio buffer in mSec, you may want to increase this if you have issue with audio glitches
inchannels = number of available input channels
outchannels = number of available output channels

you can see if the above is working properly if you start ‘erac’ using GUI and then look at audio settings, check that your audio interface has been selected correctly with correct number of channels.


  • Theoretically, you should be able to use both the internal and external cards but it crashes PD whenever I try, let me know if you can make it work!
  • I’ve tested this using the ES-8, but should work with any DC coupled audio interface - let me know if you have issues.

Background Info

This is a just a preview of something Im working on, that I thought others might be interested in,
but please be aware i dont have a lot of time to ‘support’ it at the moment.
so, apologies in advance, Ive no time currently to help setup audio interfaces that do not work ‘out of the box’ with the Organelle


This is great news! Thanks for working on expanding orac capabilities!

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Wow nice! I don’t use CV but it’s great to know that it works on ORAC now, might have to experiment

Thanks for your work Mark :slight_smile:

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Unstoppable!! Wow, even more tools to be creative :wink:
Thanks for sharing your work !!

(Now what do I have DC coupled… and modular… )

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