Orac 2 externals source

hello, is there KontrolModule and KontrolRack externals source avaible somewhere? as i would like to understand and see what is going on via osc protocol inbetween hw and orac.

also can anyone say what is status of abl-link~? according this issue (Using phase output to sync, timing seems unstable · Issue #20 · libpd/abl_link · GitHub) and some posts on pd forum were complaining it is broken and not maintained/there are some unsolved sync issues…

last question - is there somewhere source code or documentation for clockfix external? as it really does not work in my case - for example in metronome360 subpatch (which comes from sequence_bpm clock patch) - when i run organelle m from external midi clock and skip clock"fix" in code than i got minimal latency - almost ok. but when i run clock from external midi through it, it just got much more (and random) latency…

my source is all available on my github

MEC contains the osc protocol stuff

orac is here :