Orac : release 1.0

Yeh feels like ‘press knob +’ combos could be super useful for overall workflow. Personally I’d prefer 82 + 83 (top last button = up an octave, bottom last button = down an octave), but just a personal pref, no big deal either way :wink: Could also have -

80 + 81 = volume level up/down for current module. Might feel a bit more fluid in general workflow than always navigating to Router page?

This is also my first record with ORAC after a couple of hours of fun.
(The organelle acting like a sequencer and FX, I wanted to test the midi potential)


Orac - apparently stands for Organelle Rack…
… the think the all knowing computer in Blake’s 7 is a better fit.
The work that has gone into this re-work of the Organelle is mind-boggling - hats off to you Mark!

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actually, No it doesn’t.
It was named after Blake 7’s Orac!

I did tell loopop this,
and ‘warned’ i thought some would incorrectly might think it was O-rac, but I was clear it wasn’t - but I think as Blake 7, is rather a British reference, this was lost on him.

I also joked with Ziv at the time, that I was amused about the bleepy noised of Orac in Blake 7, and its kind of reminded me of the some modular music :wink:


This is amazing! @thetechnobear - is there a way to load other patches into Orac?

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next thread over

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Random thing. Definitely not Orac related. But does anyone else’s USB drive get pretty warm after the Organelle’s been plugged in a while?

Hey. Am I doing something wrong? The file I download from patchstorage is a “zop” file that my laptop cannot open. Am I just using antiquated software? Can I get a file that works with windows 7? Really would love to try this out but cant get file. Thanks for any help!

Just place the zop into the patches folder. Start up the Organelle and you should see a prompt that says install Orac. Select that and it will begin installing automatically.

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You have to do what @bomboy said. You can also rename the .zop extension in .zip and then open the folder in your laptop
FYI zOp is the organelle “ZIP” :slight_smile:

please do not do this!
we introduced zop files for good reasons, advising people to treat them as zip completely undermines this… and then we have to deal with the support consequences.
also zops are not just a zip file!

zop files have a few purposes

  • some have a deployment script
    (i.e. they do things other than just transfer the files)
  • they have a manifest, which means we know if the files are not corrupted during download/install
    (without this corrupted files can mean the patch just acts weirdly/crashes)
  • transferring one file to the usb/sdcard is much less like to be corrupted than transferring many files (as you do if you unzip it)
  • its more convenient for a user to transfer one file

@bomboy’s answer was correct, you do not need to open it on your computer, just transfer ‘as is’ to the usb/patches directory, where you want you will be given the opportunity to install…

lets help to get this message to all users so they know what the new procedure.

I’ll update the patch description to explain to new users to what to do with the zop.

thanks everyone


thanks you for precisions and advices… it’s hard to understand the whole thing when you’re kind of a newborn in this world :slight_smile:

I knew that we have to install .zop files directly with the organelle but i didn’t know all that and I wanted to use this way to import my own samples in the sampler “24 sounds” and having custom banks sounds.
So if i want to custom the " 24 sounds “properly” do i have to follow those steps :

  • installing ZOP in organelle
  • then connecting my usb drive to my laptop
  • copying the 24S, pasting it and then importing my samples ?

Thanks !!

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Kind of going off topic but say I want to edit the files on a laptop would I be best to copy to and install the .zop on the Organelle and then copy the patch folder back off the Organelle onto the computer?


I think we are in a ‘transition’ state.

In 3.0 I introduced the idea (&suppoet for) of a media and data folder, patches are currently not using these.
The idea is then you would not need to edit anything in the patch directory, just in these folders.


Thanks y’all! It worked and now I have oral running. Still figuring it out but it is so awesome!

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Oral, Orac you know what I mean. It’s a real rabbit hole in the best sense of the word. Much thanks to the writer(?) of orac. Respect


ok couple of modules:


simple midi note probability filter - one parameter which sets the what percentage of notes gets through


I’m not sure why I made this - but kind of wanted something with longer note sounds

detune - detunes the oscillator’s from each other (give or take)
Cutoff - I pinched the moog filter from the C&G analog patches
Envelope - alters attack/release simultaneously - basically a symmetrical attack/release envelope
transpose - like all the other patches


Great stuff! I’m hoping to get the hang of converting patches to modules since that seems like the direction most will be going. I went ahead and set up a thread where we can post all of these if you’d like to put some of them up there!

just in case anyone thinks Oracs development is finished, I’ll just leave this little screenshot :wink:


Oh, that’s the perfect “remote” :wink:
Time does not stretch, believe me I had this planned; figure out a way to monitor OSC that’s going on “behind the curtains” and use LEMUR…