Orac "save Polybeats state"?


Hey, so happy with all that ORAC has to offer. I am now using it for live sets and it is quite stable and functional.
Thank you!

I’m using Polybeats a lot and am wondering if it would be possible to ever save the note sequence created in this patch as for example…a new patch? Is this a difficult job?

All the best from Montreal,


unfortunately its not as simple as that :frowning:

the issue stems from patches (like polybeats) storing state in files…and worst still a file with a fixed name.
so to ‘workaround’ this, the entire patch directory has to be copied, so it seen as a new patch but with the same structure.
but frankly that is a horrible hack…
(imagine what this means if you have 500mb of samples in that same directory, or 30mb of pure data externals!)

so im not willing to go down that route with Orac, I want a better solution.

basically what I want to do is one of two options.
a) allow a patch to store ‘arbitrary’ data in the preset.
b) allow ‘resource’ directories to be specified for a preset…
(this would be akin to some other devices that have a ‘project’ directory)

both would resolve this issue, but for this particular case where the data is quite small, (a) is probably preferable.
but (b) becomes preferable, when you start needing more data stored …

(b) is also related to the concept of sample kits and possibly even moving presets out of a single file, and into a ‘project’ type structure.

those are my current thoughts, but they still need quite a bit of working out … so not sure how much/if any, will be in orac 1.1 - lets see when i get back into orac a bit more :slight_smile: