Organelle M - Orac 2 - Saving and preset handling


I am fairly new to the Organelle M, and I have been playing around with Orac 2 lately
BUT It seems I am not quite understanding it, and in particular how to save what I put in the different modules.
For now I succeded putting S-sampler24 in module 7 and also saving it, so when I return to the preset its there. But to me it seems total random what is saved, because I have tried a trillion times to save what I put in module 4 and 5, but when I leave the preset, and return to it, module 4 and 5 is empty?!
I have saved it so why isnt it saved? Module 7 is saved, and the sampler is there everytime I return to the preset.

Preset handling:
Also I cannot find where the presets are stored. I have tried looking in the folders of the Orac, but nothing to be found. What do one do, if one wants to rename the presets from “New1, New2 …” etc. Or wants to delete them?

I bet its because I dont quite understand this 100 %, and im sure that the solutions for my troubles is easy…when you understand :smiley:



What router are you using? Also, technically, ‘modules’ are loaded into ‘slots’. So I assume what you are doing is putting modules in slots 4 and 5 (which modules?). and then they are not present after saving and returning to the preset? How are you saving? You have to select ‘Save Preset’ from the preset sub menu, selecting ‘Save’ from the Orac main menu doesn’t save the preset, but saves the global state of Orac, i.e. what preset you are on, so when you start Orac next time that preset is loaded.

Orac uses two folders that reside next to the Patches folder on either the USB drive or SD card. The folders are named ‘media’ and ‘data’. The presets are located in the data folder, specifically here:


for SD card, or if you are running it from a USB drive:


There is a folder for each preset.

What router are you using? - Apple Airport Extreme

Yes, you are right! I am talking about the “slots”. I have tried the save in the Orac menu, and the save in Organelle menu, none of them saves anything.
But I found out if I save as new preset in Orac, its fine. Then the slots remains as intended.
Thanks for explaining the different save menus!

I dont have any “data” folder next to “patches”?

And in the Orac folder:

oh sorry, I meant inside Orac, what router, the serial or parallel? This would be in the s1 slot, which is the low C# key. But actually doesn’t matter…

What I wanted to know was when you say ‘module 7’ (or slot 7) what are you referring to? The slot names start with a letter (a, b, or c for sound/MIDI modules, m for modulators, p for pre/post, etc)

hmm, so you don’t have a USB drive inserted?

Haha… I also couldnt understand why you wanted to know about my router :smiley:

Hm… The names goes from m0 to m9…so you lost me with the a, b c etc…
Am I totally missing something here :smiley:

No USB, only SD card.

I have just redownloaded orac and installed it, and now I have the “data” folder! I also have the different slot letters you wrote about earlier.
Maybe I got the wrong version when I got my Organelle a month ago?! And that explains my troubles…

Are you sure you are running Orac 2? you might want to re-install. Just delete the Orac folder and download / install this one:

hello ladies and gentlemen,
does any one of you succeeded in changing presets in a live situation without a hickup ( crac noise ) between each ?
i tried with the opz, with no luck ( with prog change ).
i use the transport module for my clock module, and tried clock in or out situations.
if you know a better sub for that matter, tell me.
thank all of you for your time.

sorry to insist, but would be such a game changer for me.