Orac loading saving presets

Watched the techno bear vid about saving patches. So when you click on new preset is it supposed to create a file in the data folder called new-0, is that right because nothing appears in my data folder or any sub folder

Just got an organelle s and downloaded Orac 2. I get the idea about slots and chaining modules together and it sound great. But saving and reloading patches has me completely confused.

Edit: Sorted Was installing on to USB then copying folder on to organelle sd card. Installed direct on SD card and works as expected.

I do have problems saving presets of ORAC as well. I don’t use an USBstick, it’s all placed on the SDcard to have an extra USBslot. I just can’t get my head around the whole process. I can hit safe, but what is safe and where? I’m not asked to give it a name, nothing…
I like to prepare 2-3 presets for my live-performances.
To me, as a non-programming guy not even the Technobears video can turn the light on… :pleading_face:
Any info is welcome.

Its fairly simple. If you want to save a preset, click on the name of the preset in the main menu (Init, default, new-1, etc) and it will pull up all the saved presets. You can from there click new preset which will generate a new one or save preset and override the settings in your current one. The save option that is available in the main menu doesn’t save your changes but rather changes which preset is opened on startup

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Thanks a lot for this clarification!
I always feared it would reset my settings as this command often does in other environments :pleading_face: :smile: