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I live in France and would like to buy an Organelle from the US.

My question is (for EU customers) which shipping company did you chose and if you all had custom fees to pay ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Mnml44 Do yourself a favour and buy from a European reseller, e.g. https://www.theeffectfactory.com/en/?s=organelle

The currency exchange would not countervail for transport, taxes and import purchase tax and you will also benefit from European warranty claims.

I wish i could but i want the 1st Organelle not the M.

Have you checked Reverb.com? When I was looking to buy mine, I saw a few of the older models for sale 2nd hand on that site.

I’m curious why you want the 1st organelle? My understanding is that in addition to the microphone/speakers that the M has more processing power / RAM? Really, just curious! When I was researching before getting my Organelle M, I saw the older version and I wondered what the major differences were.

I’m in Germany, by the way, and ended up getting the M from Thomann.de.

Good luck in your search!

Sure i checked, but unfortunately i didn’t find the version that i am looking for a good price there and again often not in EU so it means additional fees to take in consideration…

Also the main reason i want the 1st one is because of the design, i don’t like the speaker on it and i don’t have utility of it. And i noticed many people thinking the same…

Yeah, I got you. It’s a bit hit or miss on Reverb, I guess. Worth a shot, anyways.

Hope you find info regarding the shipping & import taxes and get your Organelle soon!

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Thank you for let me know about your experience, as i said before i am interested by the 1st Organelle and actually it’s hard to find this one in EU…
I keep my fingers crossed to get one in a near future :crossed_fingers:

Right now on the audiofanzine.fr second hand page you could buy 3 organelle 1st generation.

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Yeah I bought mine from perfect circuit and had to pay an extra 100 euros (not dollars!) :sob: :sob:
To france*

Unfortunately… seems that it’s hard to avoid the additional fees… but i admit i am really tempted to buy it… :sweat_smile: