Organelle M EU Stock?

Has there been any indication of any new stock hitting the EU?

I ordered one from dv247 back in June, with the estimated date of the 8th July. Then it moved to the 9th August. Then the 9th September. Clearly the dates are all nonsense, so I figured it was best to ask here.

Ordering one from the official store would cost a huge amount in comparison, so it’s not really a viable option. It’s £505 on dv247, but from the store it would be $599, + $65 shipping, and then $120 in VAT + brokerage. All in all it would total about $800, which is about £615.

I understand the situation is obviously difficult at the minute, but it would be nice to know if it’s going to be weeks or months at this point.


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Same here…

martinpas shop in italy and in lausanne have organelle, also thomann?

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Thomann says in stock 5-7 weeks, it’s not in stock there. would result in 20% import since it’s from switzerland, so that would put it up at £620+.

Martinpas has it in stock and is within the EU, but it’s still quite a bit more expensive + shipping. They don’t have PayPal as an option, so taking into account the exchange rate and foreign currency transaction fees it would cost £570+. A bit cheaper, but still £70 higher than what seems to be the usual price.

Sorry to keep you waiting! We will be shipping more Organelle Ms to European dealers in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience!

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Awesome, good to know they’re on the way!

Hey, ordered form Martinpas. Tolal paid £530. Hope that helps

Looks like dv247 have some in stock for £505!

Juno also have some of the cream ones in stock for £520

I bought mine at schneidersladen ( ) in Berlin. They have them in stock.