Organelle PSU Europe

Hey, is it true, that there is no Power Supply Shipping with the Organelle, when it´s purchased in Germany. My Dealer send me one without und now tries to convince me, that there is only a PSU included in the American Market due to the difference in the Plugs and the non RHoS conformity??


That sounds like your dealer is cutting corners. I ordered my organelle in Europe and got it shipped with a European power supply, there was indeed no power supply in the organelle box but the dealer shipped a separate compatible powersupply with my order, which makes good sense IMO.

Mine came with a US power supply, I bought an adaptor for it.

Talk about cutting corners… or adding corners…
I bought mine recently from a German dealer for 530 euros - it came with a separate boxed adapter and not the original USB dongle but a 16GB Sandisk USB dongle with more than the usual pre loaded patches (from what I gather)
Now you might think that’s ok but I initially wanted to send it back for a few other reasons. A week later it was on sale at the same store for 430 euros and I also presumed I had been had in the sense it was clearly not a new unit. My main problem is I have no idea how old the unit actually is and how often it has been used.
Now it’s 465 euros on the store site and it says in the blurb online that it comes with the power adapter. The 16GB Sandisk is 21.70 euros so still way cheaper than what I paid.
Oh man just typing this leaves me feeling ripped off…

Is it ok to ask or say which dealers we are talking about?

Bis Store in Cologne Germany :wink: Odd, mine come with the SanDisk 16GB USB Stick aswell. Don´t know what´s on there due to missing PSU.
I don´t really feel ripped. Got the Organelle B-Stock for 400€. Minus 15€ for the Missing PSU, which i offered to buy myself if the gave me 15€ back.

All in all a little bit Strange, this whole different or none PSU and USB Stick thing. Does C&G Ship some Organelles with the SanDisk instead of the white small USB Stick?

I got mine in Europe and got a nice compact PSU with it.

yeah mine was weird. I’m based in London, and I think my order shipped from europe when I ordered it online from a store. I got a US power unit with mine, along with an additional EU universal power supply. I then called them to say I need a UK plug and they sent me an EU to UK converter, so my power plug is very bulky but works!