Organelle and external monitor

Kind people! I have my organelle connected to an external monitor/keyboard. I am able to startx, but cannot load a patch with the expression knob. If I turn off the graphic interface everything works as advertised. This has all worked correctly in the past. I imagine the error is in operations.

Also, can someone suggest a PD forum for beginners? I am using Designing Sound by Andy Farnell as a textbook, and there are a few diagrams I do not understand.

I appreciate everybody who takes time on these forums and in development.

Did you install Pd 49 a while back?

If so you should reinstall it, see this thread

If you didn’t install Pd 49 - ignore :slight_smile:

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Reinstall did the trick. Thank you so much. I was in a hurry to fiddle with orac. You sir, are amazing.