Organelle as USB-to-DIN MIDI host?

Just about to invest in an Organelle M (probably) and I’ve been wondering if it’ll do this job alongside everything else. As I understand it, all MIDI data that’s incoming via the USB port is by default replicated at the MIDI out port (which just needs a breakout lead to convert it to DIN, which is fine). So, does this mean I can connect a USB keyboard to the Organelle to play its onboard sounds, while at the same time having the same keyboard data output from the Organelle via DIN MIDI to a hardware MIDI sound module? Essentially I’m hoping it’ll do USB-to-DIN conversion like the relevant Kenton or Keith McMillen boxes - except of course the Organelle has a battery power option - useful for my needs - which the others don’t. And it would mean one less box in my setup. Have I guessed this right?

Hi -
Yes you can do MIDI Thru from USB-MIDI in to TRS-MIDI out. Here’s a demo:

That’s exactly it! Thanks!

I knew this but forgot about it recently when wanting to do the same thing, so thanks for the reminder!