Organelle - Changing Polyphony?

I was looking at the Organelle demo “Analogy Style” PD patch and wondering why the polyphony is set to 4. What’s the maximum limit for this patch for example? Can you crank it up to 8 or 16 voices? Thanks!

Generally you are limited to the processing power on the device, more voices = more cpu. We usually start with a few and go up from there. The Analog Style can handle a bit more, I guess we forgot to crank it up. I just tried 8 and it worked fine, so I’ll update the patch. 16 might get a little processor intensive and you would have to look at ways to optimize the synth voice…


Hi, that’s helpful, just trying to understand what it’s capable of really. How many CPU cores does it have? Can it multi-thread PD over several cores? Thanks!

The CPU is single core, ARM Cortex A9 at 1 GHz. We are very happy with the performance, for example it runs the PD phase vocoder example patch with under 25% load.

I’m just trying to up the polyphony of the Additive Synth ( which I love from 4 to 6 voices so I can play Minor 11 chords.

I tried hacking numbers without success, I’m presuming this is pretty straightforward?

You have to add two more voices in the AddSynth.pd subpatch like this:

Awesome, really straightforward. I’d actually ‘guessed’ everything except for adding the additional voices.

Thank you!

I’ve just maxed my Organelle out with 16 voices. CPU registers at 92% and can barely do anything on the unit itself. Damn, I was hoping to get 24 out of one patch.

You might be able to get 24 voices from a patch. It all depends how computationally ‘expensive’ a voice is. For example, @oweno mentions maxing out a patch with almost 450 reconfigurable oscillators:

So you could probably make a patch with 300 that would work perfectly fine…