Organelle Chord Mode?

Would I be able to make each key of the Organelle output specific midi notes/chords? This would be like the McMillen 12-step being able to set five MIDI notes per key. Is this a possibility?

I don’t have my Organelle in my hands yet, but I’m sure this can be done. The Keys send MIDI notes to Pd and it would be trivial to remap these to a given chord. You might need to mute the outgoing MIDI if you don’t want the default notes to be part of your chords.

Actually we just posted a new patch for playing whole chords with each press of a key. The key is the root note, and you can select one of 12 chord types with a knob. The chord notes are sent out over MIDI channel 2. It is named ‘Chords Roll’ and located at the bottom of the patches page… haven’t got the patches page alphabetized yet :wink:

I think you just got yourself one more organelle owner Owen. Thanks!

I absolutely LOVE the new Chord Roll patch. So cool!!