Are Organelle keys hard coded to MIDI notes?

For a patch I want to use the Organelle as toggle switches rather than MIDI keys, and at the same time use an external keyboard to play as normal. There is currently a clash between the two - is there a way to turn off the maple keys triggering MIDI notes?

Two ways of doing this:

Edit the Mother patch.


Turn off midi out in the midi settings and then make a custom patch or custom area of a patch with a midi out :slight_smile:

I did the latter one to controll my midi to cv module and it works great.

Thanks for response! :smiley:

I don’t necessarily want to stop the Organelle triggering other synths, I want to turn off the Organelle keys triggering the Organelle itself (as MIDI notes). If I do this, and MIDI is turned off, what message does pressing each button send?

the PD patch does not use midi internally…

what happens is (for maple keys)
an OSC message comes from the hardware, and mother.pd , creates a pd message call ‘notes’ and ‘notesRaw’, and its sent. (s notes, s notesRaw)

for midi,
if midiOutGate is enabled the ‘notesRaw’ message is received (r noteRaw), and sent out as midi.
if midiInGate is enabled, then midi note input also creates a ‘notes’ messages

so in your patch, if you dont want the keys to play something , you simply disconnect the receive notes.
(r notes) from your synth engine, and send it to where you want.

soooo… if you want your a bit of your patch only to respond to the maple keys, you use notesRaw, which will not come from midi input. (or you can use midi input, and disable it)

EDIT: hmm that sounds more complex than it is… such is the danger of trying to explain code.
Id recommend opening up mother.pd , and look inside the ‘midi’ subpatch (used for midi) and the ‘messageIO’ subpatch (used for hardware) - they are pretty straightforward, probably easier than the above explanation :wink: