Organelle displaying the content of a table?

Hello :slight_smile:

I was wondering if anyone have experimented with using Organelle’s display to view the content of a table? It would be super lovely to be able to see the waveform of for example a drum sound if you a dialing in sounds directly on organelle, with out a display connected. Like being able to see something like this in the display:


IF it is possible at all. I am thinking there might be some resolutions issues on the display? But I really don’t know, the idea just sprang to my mind when I was playing around with PD.

What do you think?



A bit off topic but maybe there is a smart way around it? Like this logo method I am using for showing the timeline of a loop/sample


I think a GUI like that would be awesome for Jaffasplafas toggle patch.

@KristofferLislegaard Loook great and cool idea :slight_smile:

But I am thinking we probably have to find a way to works around the limitations of the lines in the display, if we want to be able to display something like a waveform. Again have no idea if this is possible or not.


I have all ready updated it a great deal, implementing it into the o-knob system, so you also got presets for the toggles :wink: And I managed to get 12 of the toggles cramped into 1 page.

I hope to find time today to fix one or two smaller problems and then I will upload it.

I would love this too especially for waveforms but I think we may be limited be the oled.
This is why I was suggesting like PdParty for iOS or android to view certain patch elements similar to Mira for Max7

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yes its possible to send graphics to the oled, but there is currently no OSC messages that can do this (e.g.) from Pure Data.

so this needs a bit of firmware’ (C++) work to expose , and also needs to consider the best way to do this… sending pixel level over OSC will probably be too slow, and also a bit tedious in PD.

perhaps the new control system I’m planning might require a few new graphics primitives … not sure yet.

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Sounds great. Sorry cant help with the firmware stuff.

Yeah I am still trying out ways out handling presets. Gonna try a few ways before deciding anything.