Organelle Forum Organization Update

We created some new categories for the Organelle to better organize the posts. Now we have Organelle Patching for topics specific to creating Pd patches and Organelle Advanced Hardware Software for more advanced discussions on hardware / software hacking.

The Original Organelle category we renamed to Organelle General and remains a good place for general purpose questions and music posts. We re-categorized a bunch of topics about a month back, and topics before that just remain in Organelle General

The forum is a work in progress, so organizational ideas are always welcome.


mod tip:
discourse supports category hierarchies
so you can put all organelle categories under one category


the advantage of this is users can then browse the parent organelle category.
(I only have an organelle at the moment, so tended to currently just browse that one category)

to do this, simply create a parent category - (e.g. organelle), then go to each of the other categories, edit it, and then specify the parent category.

(the other thing, if you do this, that’s useful is to choose the same category colour for everything under ‘organelle’… i.e. so you no all categories that are ‘blue’ are organelle, all ‘red’ are etc )

oh cool. I’ll give this a try go later today. Thanks for the tip

Ok… Organelle General I changed back to Organelle (this was the original single category), Then made 2 sub categories for patching and advanced.

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