Getting an overview of available patches?

there are so many patches around for Organelle these days, I think its really hard for anyone that wants to have something specific to find it.

we can see this by quite a few threads on samplers, saying I need a sampler that does X.

I had the same dilemma the other day, I just wanted a sampler to play different drums on different notes (very simple), but had no idea, even if I just restricted myself to the C&G patches (there are lots :slight_smile: )

there is the ‘patches category’, but that’s not easy to search really, nor is patchstorage (and is incomplete since its not got C&G patches)

is this a common problem? or is it perhaps just samplers? as sampler is a very generic term, compared with the variety and features of the sampler patches available?
(i.e. if you want an FM synth its relatively easy to search for one!)

perhaps we should have one topic, an ‘overview of patches’ topic.

which just lists the patches with a short description, of whats is useful for… no details, no controls, no marketing :wink:

anyone could add entries to it, but the thread would only be for this (no discussion/question), and of a particular format to help searching

e.g. an orac entry would simply read.

Patch: Orac
Type: Sampler, Synth, FX
Descripition: modular synth for organelle, allow multiple modules to run concurrently.
Developer: @thetechnobear

(link could be patchstorage link, or a link to a topic here on the forum, doesn’t matter really, a jump off point for some more info)

if the topic just contained nothing other than patches, with brief descriptions, it would still be long - but probably still be manageable.
and because anyone can create the entry, its not putting a burden on the developer.
(theres a requirement for users to search before adding entries to avoid duplicates)

I guess the difficult bit is coming up with a short enough description that it can be read quickly (too much detail, makes the exercise pretty pointless, as others wont read it)
… e.g. how do you differentiate the different samplers, which have very specific characteristics, which make them unique…

anyway, that’s just one idea…
perhaps someone has a better idea for collating patches?
perhaps a wiki would be better?
perhaps just some posts from users who use different patches, and they say which patches are the ones they use regularly, and what they find them good for?

its a great problem to have, as there are so many good patches out there, just a bit overwhelming if your look for something particular :slight_smile:

or perhaps its just me, and I should be organised and write down what the difference is between sampler style, loop rec, distributor is !


The wiki stuff is a great idea!
I used to make charts in Excel with columns like “name” - “type” - “features” - “context of use”, etc.
But I never managed to keep them up to date.
A collaborative wiki, or just a Google sheet, could be a good thing. PatchStorage, with a good use of the metadata, would’ve been great for that.
But I don’t know, Organelle is such a good example of what serendipity means :wink:

This would be wonderful. I have a running markdown document that I use for this type of thing. I’d share it but I have a few, erm, offensive notes in there when I don’t grok a patch (or it’s otherwise broken / not my thing). So maybe I’ll trim it down a bit and share?

A wiki for this – and other organelle issues to revisit our thread from a few months ago – would be most welcome.

FWIW here are a few of my typical summaries – maybe overboard but it helps me! Sometimes it’s really helpful to have the UI instructions handy and/or a quick overview of knobs or pages to jog memory of what a patch can / can’t do.


single sample transposed onto keys
global adjust

  • k1 play speed
  • k2 loop length
  • k3 delay time
  • k4 feedback
  • aux - speed shift (down?)

Algo Break

[Algo Break]

  • shree
  • Algorithmic BreakBeat machine with drum samples, a reverb, a filter and an ambient noise creator
  • Aux1 turns on the system Aux2 loads a New drum sample, you can load as many as you like into the “drum” folder in the patch to use your own samples Aux3, 4, 5 change Algorithmics related to the sampler
    60 randomizes the Shuffler 61 activates/de-activates the Ambient shuffler
    • select sample via p2 - aux FIRST
    • then go to p1 and start
      p1 filter
      p2 reverb
      p3 filter +
      p4 ambient
      p5 shuffler
      p6 algo
      p7 eq
      p8 volumes

Binaural Beatz

Basic binaural beats patch with 8 note polyphony.
Knob 1: Detune Left
Knob 2: Detune Right
Knob 3: Attack
Knob 4: Release
Aux: Detune Span
Comment: Nice for BASS!


wiki is ideal, since it can be a single, non-duplicated list, which anyone can update/curate
but it needs someone to host it… and that requires ‘organisation’.
(also if its not linked to discourse, then it needs permissioning, it all gets a bit complex)

patchstorage + meta tags,
the issue is most patches need a bit more that just classifying, currently if you are a particular sort of sampler, you’d have to try them all… or dig thru the descriptions.

@healthylives , yeah that’s kind of what I had in mind,
I think the trick is to keep it short though, whilst controls (and other help) are useful for sure, they are distracting if your searching through lists of patches.
(I think ideally each patch has a topic, which we could link to, which could then go into more details , like controls used)

I guess the main thing is, also this is a ‘tag line’
the name of a patch often means nothing really e.g. Distributor, Orac, so you almost want just a one line (probably too optimistic), which says what it is… but more than sampler, synth.

also it’d be cool to here what users use it for, as perhaps that helps defines ‘what it is’, a bit like your ‘nice for BASS’ comment.

Ive tended to find, because I don’t want to spend huge amounts of time patch/preset surfing, Ive fallen back to just use a few C&G factory patches… which seems a pity, esp. as C&G are releasing lots of good stuff regularly.

but perhaps I should just go through all the factory stuff again, and takes some notes this time :wink:

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Agreed on all points. I would be happy to clean up my doc and get the project started, with an agreed format, something along the lines you propose:

Brief Description
(and/or Comment)

I think that given everyone’s limited time and platform constraints this probably should just be set up in discourse for now (ie, here on the forum). We can start a thread (or use this one) … and maybe put it in the Patching category? Individual replies for each patch?

This is a great idea. I thought that Discourse allows the first post of a thread to be made into a wiki (i.e. editable by all). Does this forum have that feature turned on? @chrisk? Or whoever’s the admin of the forum?

You can make a post a wiki in discourse , but it doesn’t handle simultaneous edits well (last time i tried)
But could give it a go

I think it could be really usefull to avoiding waste of time and energy looking for a patch and for keeping us focus on music. If a wiki is doable, i think it could be for the best : editing, updating, corrections, … I’m tottaly in this project :slight_smile: great idea !

Yeah, might be a hassle: But setting up a wiki just for one page seems like a hassle too!

There’s also the patchstorage overview page for organelle, of course. Misses random forum betas and such but it’s not a terrible interface.

I’m going to clean up my markdown file and post it here soon–I like having something in flat text that I can use without the internet and just use a simple ‘in page’ search to scan.

If somebody creates a thread/category/wiki for this here on the forum I’ll be happy to contribute to that as well.

Hi everyone!

This sounds like a great idea! Thank you for getting the ball rolling. I just created a wiki post on this forum so we can try it. Feel free to test it out and post patch descriptions, share your experiences, etc.:


Would it be best to edit your original post in that thread (looks like I can) … or make replies for each patch? Assuming the former but thought best to check.

Please just use the first post (delete my content!) - thanks

edit the first post

however, what id recommend for everyone is.
prepare what your going to post before you edit it, so that you can keep the edit time to an absolute minimum.

do not just copy the post before save (in case you lose) because if you paste your copied version in, you will destroy the other persons edit. you have to redo the edit if you ‘lose’

this is because if two people edit at the same time, the last edit wins!
so if you have it in an editor outside, and just paste in, less likely to happen due to less time and if your edits are lost, them you still have them in your editor, to redo.

for a similar reason, id also recommend initially not editing (e.g spelling corrections), just to keep the edit time to a minimum

in my experience this is only an issue for the first few hours/days, when a few people think to edit (or correct mistakes)

btw: as its now a wiki , rather than individual replies, its probably a good idea to perhaps sort categorise the patches very broadly into Synth, FX, Sampler (or similar)

don’t worry, too much , as it can obviously been moved around later, when the ‘edit clash’ is less likely


Cool I dumped a few starters in there. will be able to circle back later to add more.

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Reached my first discourse wiki limit – can only mention 10 users in one post.

Perhaps @chrisk could up this, there’s a setting in discourse :
“Max mentions per post”

Went through most of my samplers (except for latest cool new stuff) and now onto the synths. Have to go home now; more tomorrow as time allows. nice to see the list grow – all formatted and clean!


wow @healthylives , your doing a fantastic job there…
its already looking really useful as a way to quickly scan whats out there.
(much more comprehensive than I imagined too :slight_smile: )

a couple of thoughts seeing the list so far,

(I willing to do help here if you want, though I wont do yet, as you still editing, and moving stuff around will almost certainly get us tripping over each others toes)

category groups?

might make it easier to find stuff (I could include a ‘contents’ at the top of wiki to jump to each section head)
but even a quick grouping is challenging…
Synth, FX, Playback Sampler?, Looper/Recorder? Generative? Granular?

dunno, some patches fall into multiple groups, or none… and the list is currently pretty easy to scan i think.

anyway, let me add some value, as you have done some typing

if people would like an ‘offline copy’ of this, its quite easy to generate

to fetch a markdown copy of this use (this uses curl, but you can use other tools)

curl -o

alternative: wget, or anything that can download from a website , you could even just use your browser, and do save as (I think :slight_smile: )

you can then generate html from this , again various routes but i use a perl script called markdown

Markdown_1.0.1/ -output organelle_patches.html --html4tags 

alternative: quite a few , try

ok, there are some small issues with this at the moment, as discourse is using a kind of extended markdown.
however, if this is useful , I will look into either:
a) editing the overview wiki page, so its using standard markdown format (this is quite simple)
b) look at scripting something to adapt the downloaded markdown

(a) is probably preferable, as its more wysiwyg, as (b) might have quirks if the entries are not formatted in the same way. (I can also do this ‘automagically’ , so we dont need to do this by hand)

anyway, I’ll only do this if others would like an offline copy.