New Category : Organelle - Patches?

perhaps there should be a new (sub) category , Organelle - Patches

2 reasons:
a) at the moment, it seems people are unclear if ‘Patching’ is just for ‘about patching’ or for patches as well
b) If someone is searching for a patch, then they would have one place to to look for the patch… and similarly for new patch announcements, and updates

btw: as an aside, as is normal with discourse - all ‘regular users’ (level in discourse) are able to edit anyones heading and categories … so the burden of recategorising does not fall on moderators.
its a useful feature, as it helps to keep forums organised - but its often not noticed by users.
(e.g. id be willing to go thru more recent posts, and move appropriate ones to the new category)

i think that might help. Maybe “Patching” should be more about pure data and the technical side is that what you are thinking?

Ok, just made ‘Patches’ so now there is ‘Patches’ and ‘Patching’.

Also what do people think about music as its own category? instead of that single long topic.


yeah, exactly my thinking.

perhaps “Your Music” … so its obvious its about music generated with Organelle / C&G products?
or “Your Music/Videos”, as a top category, to be more generic to cover ETC projects as well, and you tube, and other C&G products

in that kind of category, I’m happy to see anything done with C&G products rather than specifically about Organelle, though of course it might tempt me towards an ETC… which is perhaps not good (for me ;))

Yeah, i think the "tell us what you are listening to is cool but i rarely explore those BUT people who are making music with organelle is super fun. I am always humbled and excited when i hear stuff i have coded being used like that. I know it’s an ego stroke but it’s really fun to see what people are doing.

Maybe a sticky about the Setup too, like Fluid/LADPSA and the advanced features Patch manager/os so we can just point folks to those?

I am sincerely working on a new pd-libs it should be done relatively soon BTW


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ok Ive moved a whole load of ‘patches’ posts, Ive tried to go for ones that i think are most current.
(and tried to avoid anything thats externals rather than patches… not sure best place for those, probably patching)

anyway, apparently discourse has an ‘edit’ limit for the day, which Ive reached, so will do more another time :slight_smile:
anything thats ‘way back in time’, I guess will just pickup if it gets commented on again.

@shreeswifty if you have time, you might want to dig out any obvious/popular ones I didnt get too.

digging up perhaps some older classics, might be cool for those of us newer to the Organelle.

the patch posts here are usually BETA for users to comment or test before i either iterate or release officially

can you make me a section in Patches “Shree Patches” would be great so i dont mess up the work then as i said in another thread i can stickly requirements and it will save everyone some time


Thanks, I just move a bunch as well.

Also made a Music and Video category for people to post stuff they make.