Organelle GUI display preferences

Is it possible to change the monitor display settings on the Organelle? I am trying to use it with an old 19 inch TV I bought second hand but the border of the display has been chopped off!

You might actually be able to adjust the TV if you can bring up some menu. Maybe under a ‘display’ setting you can change things like ‘movie’ or ‘pc’. I’ve experienced this with some 1080 TVs, under certain settings the crop the screen a little.

Sadly there is no way to change the TV settings.

@oweno can you point me to some technical details for what the board supports? or perhaps PM the exact details of board the Organelle uses.

I’ve got a waveshare 7" display which is 1024x600@60 rgb24, which works perfectly on a rPI etc.
I changed the boot argsin uEnv.txt appropriately, and initially when Organelle boots, the text displays correctly, but then goes completely ‘white’ … I assume when its switches to some new resolution… (if I plug it in after the booting, I see the bash shell, but its similarly corrupted)

Ive checked the tech specs on the display, and the above seems correct, so looks like some oddity in archlinux/uboot ? but others seems to have it working on things like BBB. … it could be the 3.4 kernel, but that’s pretty hard to determine.

anyway, Ive hit a bit of a brickwall, as I don’t have precise enough information to see where the incompatibility might be.

@ghostly606, do you know what the resolution formats of the TV? or what is the model number?

I know the Organelle can handle 1080p and 720p and I think I used another size display but can’t remember the res. Generally I don’t really stray from the 1080 or 720 since they are so widespread. as soon as you wade into the other resolutions there are so many and it gets to be a bit of a nightmare.

But that said, I think many resolutions should be possible with the hardware. uEnv.txt is the right file to specify the resolution, but as @thetechnobear noticed the Organelle seems to start with these settings, but then reinits somewhere further down the boot process. I experience this too when I start with the normal 1080 setting on a 720 only display, it does readjust itself to 720.

@thetechnobear so the Organelle is running a i.MX6 SOC that is packaged this module. The HDMI is connected right to the i.MX6, so ultimately this is what will dictate compatibility. This module is also the one SolidRun uses on their Hummingboard product which was an early Raspberry Pi clone, so anything working on Hummingboard works on Organelle from a hardware standpoint.

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thanks for the info… I’ll see if I can find any more details in there.

generally, Id already been using the i.MX6 info, without too much help…as you say, something happens after the boot process, but before xwindows is started…Im assuming its the mxc_hdmi driver.

so today, at one point I had the display working, by using xrandr… but the next time i tried the same thing, it wouldn’t work, so not quite got to the bottom of it yet… I think its something to do with the way its reading EDID information, thats getting things confused.
I think I’ll just have to keep chipping away at it… funny, if it hadn’t worked at all, Id have probably given up by now :wink:

one thing, i did read… was some were having this ‘screen whiteout’ issue, being caused by the hdmi audio, do you know how to disable this?
(I think this is a bit of a red-herring though, as I dont think the hdmi is the default audio device for also… so i dont think its being used by default)

It’s a 720p. Not sure of the model number, it’s a cheap model sold by one of the supermarkets here in the UK and the remote UI is basic to say the least.