Organelle not connecting to monitor?

Help! Every time I try connecting my Organelle to a monitor, it doesn’t display any signal. When it’s powering up, it displays this image for a few seconds:

after that, it switches to say No Signal and nothing else works…

Any help would be appreciated!

What is the make and model of your monitor? does it support 1080p (this is the resolution the Organelle spits out) ?

It is an Acer monitor (not sure on the exact model) but yes, it does display 1080p by default

It’s an Acer model P246HL

That is strange. We have used many monitors, including several Acer ones successfully. Do you have a different one or TV that you can test it on?

Testing on TV. This is strange, it works! I now only wonder why it won’t work on my computer monitor…

I just realized that I forgot to mention that in order to connect HDMI to my monitor, I’m using an HDMI to DVI adaptor. Is this a problem?

hmm, sounds like the DVI adapter is probably the problem here. I haven’t tried any of these adapters, so can’t really make any recommendations…

I might go looking for a small 1080p hdmi monitor for cheap to use and see if that works

Proud owner of a brand new Organelle here I received as a wonderful Christmas present.

I was having the exact same issue whereby my Dell 24" monitor wouldn’t sync with the Organelle over a HDMI to DVI adaptor. Unfortunately my monitor doesn’t have a HDMI input, but I have used HDMI devices successfully with it in the past via an adaptor.

Fortunately, the fix in my case was easy - changing the kernel boot parameters to specify a different frame buffer resolution to one that is natively compatible with my monitor.

Firstly, I connected the Organelle to my TV via straight HDMI so that I could get a terminal. Alternatively, connecting a network adaptor and SSHing in should be viable too.

Secondly, I remounted the root filesystem as read-write:
mount -o remount,rw /

Finally, I edited /boot/uEnv.txt to change the default boot resolution from 1920x1080M@60 to 1920x1200M@60
vim /boot/uEnv.txt

That seems to have done the job, and interestingly it still runs correctly when hooked up to my 1080p TV via HDMI.

Really excited to start having a proper play with the Organelle and Predate, but what a learning curve it’s going to be …

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Are you getting the full 1920x1200 on the Dell? That is good news it is working, I wasn’t aware that resolution was possible with the hardware.

I believe it is, yes. I didn’t actually check the mode, but it appeared to be running at native resolution. I will check the next time I set it up :slight_smile: