Organelle HDMI Display and Adapters

I tested organelles HDMI port with a few SCART and VGA adapters and it seems that all you really need is for the adapter to have a 5v power supply (usb or otherwise) - clearly the organelles HDMI port, like those on Raspberry Pi’s, doesn’t like sharing too much electricity. So, if you want to use an old computer screen, VHS player, whatever with the Organelles (and probably the ETC’s) HDMI port, just use the appropriate adapter - but choose one with it’s own power source.

Been making some vhs stuff with OTC just now, looks ace :slight_smile:


Nice to have this confirmed. I had looked at a few of them, but they were 50$+ so didnt want to get one before knowing for sure.

Did you have one or did you by one for it? Link?

Thanks for sharing info :wink:

This one worked getting it hooked up to a VHS player.
This one is working transforming the signal for an old PC monitor.

Cheap as chips!


Yeah looks good. The one I looked at was at a local store, where prices are way to high on these things.


this one works like a charm, only the misco USB port is kinda inline with the critter 9v DC port