Organelle help Wiki

Hi all,

A Organelle help Wiki for commonly asked questions would be most useful :-). Especially hardware/patch related questions that won’t be covered in the manual.

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Agreed! Would be great to see everything about libraries, etc in the one place.

And as more organelle specific patches are developed,some of which may become more complicated to control at the hardware level, a Organelle Sub Wiki section for patches will be helpful. Of course it’s easy for a Organelle/PD newbie like me to request a Organelle wiki, though it will take some work. I just thought I’d put it out there as someone with the acquired knowledge may get the Organelle Wiki ball rolling.

I think Organelle (plus equivalents) is only the beginning in adapting more portable hardware that can run PD (computers) and to have more tactile controls so as to be played like traditional form factor instruments and completely new instruments, not yet thought of.

Ok lets us know when you have it all setup! Thanks for doing this!!


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