New patch: Cheat Sheet / Template, for the new and bewildered

Hi! I’ve had my Organelle M for a couple of days and will probably be back with a variety of questions.

For now, though, I’ve created a ‘cheat sheet’ and template patch that new owners might find useful. It demonstrates functions to interact with the keyboard, knobs, aux button, LED and screen on the Organelle.

I’ve created this as a precursor to loading my first patch on the device, as I quickly realised I was a bit lost making the jump from a desktop Pd patch to the Organelle. I’ll mainly use it as a quick reminder of various functions, and a template for my own patches. I’ll expand it as I pick up new tips or improved techniques, and of course I’m open to suggestions.

I spent most of today putting this together and it was a great learning exercise, so hopefully it’ll be useful to anyone in a similar position. Most of the information was gleaned by dissecting existing patches or searching this forum, so thanks to C&G and the Organelle community for some great resources.

This was created using VNC on an Organelle M running v4.1 - I’ve no idea if it will behave properly on earlier versions of the OS.

The patch is up on Patchstorage: Cheat Sheet / Template | Patchstorage.