Organelle M can't get to S2 in ORAC 2

So I followed Mark H’s directions
plug in pico directly to organellem

“start Orac (important this is started first, as MEC needs to connect to PD)
select init preset
A1 - insert brds
S1 (parallel) → chain1 midi , set in channel to zero (for omni midi) , midi in”

I Cannot get to the S1 slot from C# key!

I got brds into A:1 but had to navigate up (…) a level then into synths…

ok worked. pressed C# with encoder… no c1
went home tried there nope. The only time I ever got the a1 c1 c2 sections to work were when a1 was loaded with the router module… still could not change anything slots tho.

I installed orac 2 and mec into the patches folder on the sd drive using wifi server music. Is that my mistake?

Thanks Folks.

figured this out I think, by watching folks using ORAC in many videos. Push the encoder then the button, but a bit touchy…

thanks everyone.