ORAC - module S1

hi everyone!
running multiple patches with orac is great but it’s so hard and frustrating to control when performing live. In my opinion the Organelle M interface is not good for orac. This beautiful synth was designed to run one patch at a time and nothing can change it.

I would be glad to control the mixer on channel S1 with external hardware.
Do you know how to map the module S1 with an external midi control?


use midi learn in orac…
midi learn works for all modules including the router (s1)

if you dont like Orac, dont use it - simples :wink:

Thank you Mark,
I didn’t know about midi learn and I’m not sure how it works.
I’ll give it a try!
Orac is great I’m just saying that the organelle M needs more knobs :slight_smile:

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