Organelle M - MIDI Omni Out?


I’ve just fostered a new setup with 4 x MIDI channels capabilities which I had hoped to run with up to 4 voices of MIDI sequenced CV/gate control from the Organelle M.
Much to my dismay (and frankly lack of perception) - the Organelle M only supports 1 channel of MIDI out at a time.
Much like MIDI In - is there a plausible capability for running MIDI out in Omni mode?? (Either a coding hack or legit update in the near future?)


multicycle and orac can run out multple midi

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Thanks @jahzah - do you know any of Omni out capabilities outside of ORAC? I have yet to run that in a setup and I am hoping to continue with my custom patches.

I personally haven’t found any outside of orac tbh.

All good, thx for the ORAC tip :~)

If anyone else has found multi-out solutions for Midi from Organelle M please let me know!

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