Organelle M sending notes to Digitakt via midi

I have an Organelle M that I am using together with a Digitakt.
They are connected via usb and the digitakt is super good at controlling the Organelle.
Im using Orac and it is working super (thanks Mark!).
However I would like to, while live recording in the Digitakt, be able to play the Organelle and the notes get put into the Digitakt in real time.

The other way around works fine, that is, I can play the organelle using the chromatic mode on my Digitakt.

I have tried to play around with midi channels but cant seem to figure it out.
When I use the subosc-patch in orac I can input the low C-note into Digitakt when live-recording. But that is just one note! Give me ALL the notes plz! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thats my problem. Loving everything otherwise!
Hope someone has some super good solution!
Take care and peace out!