Organelle M, TRS Cable, and a Scarlett Focusrite

So, like said in the topic name, I have the Organelle M, a TRS cable, and a 2i2 Focusrite audio interface. I have tried plugging them in together into my laptop for use in Logic, but sounds aren’t coming in from the Organelle. I’m still new to this, so I would like to figure it out.

The mission is to be able to record everything the Organelle puts out into Logic Pro X, please let me know.

The Organelle outputs are stereo, but the 2i2 inputs appear to be balanced mono, and connecting stereo TRS to balanced mono TRS won’t work. You should use a stereo to mono adapter. Plug stereo end (TRS) into the Organelle, and the 2 mono plugs (TS) to the 2i2.

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Thank you for your input, is there any way you can send a link of what I would need specifically?

here’s the type of cable you need : :v:

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