Recording to Logic


I’ve been struggling trying to figure out how to record my organelle m to Logic Pro.
I currently have a Focusrite Scarlett solo (2nd gen) interface

( ( (Here’s what I tried out) ) )

I plugged this by: organelle m L+R out :arrow_right: Unbalanced 1/4 to XLR male :arrow_right: Scarlett solo (2nd gen) :arrow_right: Computer (MacBook Pro)
When I plugged it and started recording logic I did manage to get some sound but in a very low poor volume with light static background. Even though this method did work I’m hoping there is a better option to record in a higher quality. But when I tried to record my pocket piano into logic I noticed it was louder and had a bit less static than the organelle but would sometimes cut off when switching modes. As a bonus I also tried a balanced 1/4 to XLR cable as well but when attempting to record to logic only static noise was recorded.
I plugged this by: organelle m L+R out :arrow_right: 1/4 to 1/4 :arrow_right: Scarlett solo (2nd gen) :arrow_right: Computer (MacBook Pro)
When trying this method it didn’t work for me. Sound was only coming from the organelles speaker and wasn’t recording in logic. I also tried this on my pocket piano and no sound was recorded into logic.

If someone can please tell me what I’ve been doing wrong or what I’m missing in order to connect the organelle m to my computer and record to Logic Pro. Thanks!

personnaly i ve put a Y cable in my sound card to have the stereo in Logic ( if i use a delay effect essentialy )

From the Manual:

Connecting it to a mono balanced input (such as an amplifier or mixer channel) may yield a muted/cancelled signal.

The problem is that you’re combining 2 different signals (left and right) and they are interfering with one another and thereby ruin the overall signal. You need to record each channel on its own with a y cable like this:

However, your audio interface seems to only support one line-input at a time. This means you can only record patches producing a mono output correctly.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll get a new interface that supports two line inputs at a time to test this out.