Organelle M

Hi all! New Organelle owner here, I absolutely love it. I use it more than any other hardware synth I have.

One question though, since I have an “M” how do I do a stereo out? Do I just need a 1/4" stereo breakout cable to plug into an interface or mixer’s L+ R inputs? I love the Ricochet patch that is in stereo and would love to track it in stereo.

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Hi welcome!
You will need a splitter type cable, the side connecting to the organelle has to be TRS 1/4 inch jack, the other side can be anything like 2x TS jack, 2x RCA…
Very rarely mixers or audio interfaces are compatible with stereo 1X TRS inputs, usually those are balanced mono, so you cannot use them for stereo.

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Gotcha, thank you for helping me.

Would something like this work as a stereo out?

That will work but I personally like to recommend using the headphone output instead of the 1/4 output as I’ve found it is louder

Yes that’s the type of cable I use also.

I think @T8R suggestion to use the headphone out is fine for monitoring if you record internally into the organelle (like in Orac capture module).

But for recording on external audio interface, I’ll recommend using the 1/4" line output, this will ensure the most accurate frequency response and lower noise.

If your audio interface has line preamps (most do) you can push them a bit to reach your desired recording level.

Be careful not to clip digitally, always keep the meter on your organelle in check and leave some headroom there.