Organelle MIDI behavior changed suddenly and unexpectedly

I’m using an original Organelle, purchased in 2019. I have not updated it since purchase. Since that time, I’ve been using the following setup with excellent results:

Pro Tools (MIDI master clock and transport start/stop) → Mio USB interface MIDI IN → Organelle → Mio USB interface MIDI OUT → Intellijel µMIDI/modular synth

The behavior has been that the Organelle receives all beat clock and start/stop messages from Pro Tools, and passes them on to the modular via the Organelle: when I press “play,” everything starts going; when I press “stop,” everything stops. Perfect!

Last night, however, the Organelle suddenly continued sending its own internal MIDI clock out to the modular, even when Pro Tools was stopped. If I resume playback in Pro Tools, it will resync to the incoming beat clock, but if I stop playback, it resorts to sending out its own internal beat clock again instead of just stopping.

I did several tests, and can confirm that the aberrant behavior is coming from the Organelle, and not something else in the system. All patches and sounds seem to work fine.

I opened up the Organelle’s system to try and peruse some of the files. When opening mother.pd or one of my frequently used patches in PD, I get a report that seems to suggest there are some errors happening. Please see attached screen shots.

Does anyone know what’s going on here, or why, all the sudden, after 4 years of flawless, predictable use, it’s not working the same way anymore? This is a real bummer, especially since I don’t have any idea even how to diagnose the problem, let alone fix it. Thanks!

Another potentially important detail I neglected to include. When I disable MIDI Out in the Organelle’s MIDI Setup menu, it still sends beat clock info out on its own. Not sure why it would do that if I turn MIDI output off…

You will get those errors if you open the main.pd file from the desktop environment rather than the launching a patch with the Organelle’s encoder.

Which patches are sending the MIDI clock?

Thanks so much, chrisk. Any patch that has MIDI clock built into it would trigger the symptoms upon loading.

However, just as mysteriously as the problem arrived, it seems to have corrected itself. Last night, after leaving everything off for about 24 hours, I restarted it all and it’s back to normal, predictable operation. This is strange, since I power cycled/re-booted everything several times as I tried to diagnose the issue.

I’m back to smooth sailing for the time being, but will post back if it happens again. I’m hoping it’s not a problem that continues to develop. Thanks again for your reply.