Organelle + mini jack sync (not midi!)

Hello everyone,

is it possible to sync organelle with sync jack (and not midi clock)? I have a lot of external devices which can sync with sync (audio mini jack like on volcas) but not with midi clock (like volca modular, korg sq1, PO-12, gameboys, nintendo ds (yes these ones can sync with mini jack lol…)).

Maybe with some code, using the audio in or audio out of the organelle, this should be possible? (I have jack 3.5/6.35 adaptators). I would like to try to do something like this, but I don’t know if there is a risk to damage the organelle or not so I ask before trying anything.

I am interested for both out sync and in sync.

Is there a way?


Do you know how to write pure data patches?

I believe the pocket operators do it by sending a click on the right output and sending out mono audio on the left output of a single stereo ouput.

You could make a little patch in mother.pd where the inner clock triggers a click.wav

Route all audio to L out and only.

Something like that?

I know some basics things, not very big but I build a patch which is a sequencer by searchings things what I need on internet step by step and copy paste it and learn a little. It works good and I have midi clock out on it. But i’m steel a beginner

But for my gears which don’t have midi I would like to use jack sync.

I believe the pocket operators do it by sending a click on the right output and sending out mono audio on the left output of a single stereo ouput.

that’s exactly what I do whith the nintendo ds (I use a sample tracker on it and a Y jack cable), with a sample of volca sync click, I can sync it with volca modular (this volca don’t have midi) and with sq-1 (which also only have jack sync).

But … 2 devices with this method can’t be synced because it will be 2 out on both sides… and my nintendo ds is the device I want to sync the most

So I would prefer have sync IN on the organelle so i will be able to sync with the nintendo ds (the nintendo ds will be the master clock for my pure data sequencer). Pure data can do a lot of things so maybe is it possible do to that from the jack input port of the organelle? Like… receiving the audio click sample from the nintendo ds or from the volca modular and trigger the sequencer with it?

I wonder if a click sound from a volca sync out would be damageable for a jack input which is build for instrument levels, and I didn’t watch yet what can be received from jack input…

Can you adjust the volume of the click sent out by the Volca? otherwhise put a volume pedal between your volca and the input of the organelle so you can adjust the level.

I think I can’t on the volca. On the ds I can do it because it’s a sample, but it’s made for the volca so if I do that it will not work on the volca and if I change it I will have to change it every time I wanted to connect to volca or organelle…

For the volume pedal hum… I don’t have volume pedal but I have a passive mini jack mix table wich can do it, so maybe I can try it with very low level? I will look how get something from the input jack on pure data and use it for activate a toggle.

Have a look at one of the audio tracking patches released by C&G, that convert audio input to midi note info. I guess these patches might contain some pointers on how to interpret incoming audio signals in the organelle.

I tryed one of these patch it was Guitar2synth. Do you speak about that?

Yes that’s the one, I couldn’t remember the name :-).

I guess if you were going to do this you would have to write it into all the Mother.pd’s? The ones youd want to use a PO with right?

Theres only one main mother.pd file on the organelle by default. But you can drop altered mother.pd files in to individual patches folders and the organelle will snap to using the modified version with that particular patch and patches without new mother.pd files in their folders will continue to use the original mother.pd located at root.

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I have managed to sync my POs but by going through my Volca FM. The Organelle acts as the master - it syncs with the volca via TRS midi, the volca then syncs out an analogue clock to the PO - which can then be chained. This solution is one way only as the Volca doesn’t have midi out

My issue is that I cannot get the Volca to ignore the notes sent out from the Organelle over midi - so after searching a lot I found a cable to convert a midi signal (split out via 2 x 3.5 female connection) to provide a modular based analogue clock tempo.

The cable arrives this week and I can report back if it works.

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