Connecting Organelle to Volca FM

Hey guys i just bought a USB to Midi Cable but my volca fm doesn’t clock in with the organelle. Do I need to buy a sequencer to connect a volca with my organelle?

Did you try this? Assuming you want Volca to sync to midi clock. But you would also have to make sure that the Organelle patch sends midi clock.

It’s a killer combo - enjoy. I use an Octatrack sequencer and a Midi Thru Unit to sync my Organelle and Volca FM, but you can just connect a USB to MIDI cable from one to the other and it will sync if set to the same midi channel on both (actually I think it might sync even if not set to same channel).

i haven’t tried that out but i will now, thank u!

hmm alright, i’ll try syncing it thru the midi cable first and see what happens from there

also, how do i find out if a patch sends midi clock?

use the C&G ones for testing, as many of those with a sequencer do send it…
I’m pretty sure the new 1008 is sending out midi clock.

I made a list the other day… not exhaustive.


MIDI File Player
Polybeats DRG32V
Pow Pow’s Polybeats

BS FX PB (polybeats inside)
HRando Sampler (polybeats inside)
Tune D PB (polybeats inside)


It would be great if this was visible in the menu system somehow. (Sending MIDI clock or not.)

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