Receiving random midi cc values

I hooked up my new Organelle-M to my Digitakt via a USB-Midi interface and got the Organelle to receive midi notes from the Digitakt. However, the Organelle is receiving unwanted random CC messages on 21 and 23, even when the Digitakt is not sending any. The Organelle also will not respond to Program Change messages sent from the Digitakt. Any thoughts on what is going wrong?

What patch are you running? 21 and 23 are mapped to knobs by default, are you seeing the knob values fluctuate? That sounds strange, I’ve never heard of random CC messages, what MIDI interface / cable are you using?

The program change messages are mapped to the Favourites list (in the Settings menu), did you add anything to the Favourites?

Yes, the values are fluctuating for these knobs. I’m currently on the additive synth patch, but it’s happening with other patches too. I’m using a HiFing USB Midi cable. I’ve haven’t had a problem with the cable before. Before this, I tried connecting through a TRS to midi converter and was getting even more crazy fluctuations , such as in the BPM. Yes I added a patch to the favorites in order to see if I could get the Organelle to receive program change messages from the Digitakt, but it doesn’t seem to respond.

Ok, so it was actually values 21 and 24 fluctuating and what seems to be happening is that the play button on the digitakt seems to triggering the sequence within whatever patch I am in.

I also figured out that there needs to be more than one patch stored in favorites for the program change messages to work.

hmm, do you have any other MIDI gear you can use to send MIDI into the Organelle? or can you connect the Digitakt to a computer to see what it is spitting out?

Thanks, this needs to be clarified in the manual.