Organelle Pro: Fluidsynth~ Project

I just tried this and it worked, but don’t know if it will work with the rest of what you’ve done:

pacman -U /usbdrive/fluidsynth-1.1.6-5-armv7h.pkg.tar.xz


ls /usr/lib/libfluidsynth*

shows the library files are installed.

i sent you the patch with an sf2 file

what would really be awesome would be if you could make a script i could include for others to install it if they want to. bash is not my strong suit and i would be grateful

I opened the patch, but I’m getting an error from fluid~ about missing was this something you had to install?

no weird maybe do a make clean
,configure, make, sudo make install /usr/lib

It’s probably related to that other FLuidsynth which is not including libreadline if you install the version i sent it should not have that error


I tried the version you sent on a fresh Organelle. I just did make install /usr/lib, but it built the whole thing anyway… it complained about clock skew before it stopped incomplete. I’ll have to investigate when I have some more time…

hmmm. i assume you have made a bunch of changes to your system? are you doing this on an organelle?
just curious

Sorry i re-read your post. i have not changed anything lib wise on mine, everything up to now was all done with the usb stick and pd-extended. We got it working on joe’s Organelle in exactly the way i described at first. But i guess you would have the access to the fresh organelle. I have a pal sending me his so i can test things on my end. I am just poor at bash scripting and i will check for that libreadline error but here at Swifty labs i just did a classic ./configure
did you call any flags during configure? just grasping at straws now but you never know

any luck with this oweno?
I just received a second Organelle from a friend and i am going to see if i get the same error today
DO you think it’s possible for you to make a script for bash to do the sudo make install /usr/lib stuff?
I know you are probably super busy with your new device just being released i am hopeful you might get a chance to look deeper today


I managed to complete the install. The patch loads and the fluid~ object is created, but I don’t hear anything… Is there anything else to setup, or should it be working at this point?

you have to load the .sf2 that was included, sometimes you have to move a knob i am pretty sure i included the soundfont bank

I got sound… I think the load message requires full path or something. Sounds cool. So knob 3 selects the bank, and knob 2 selects parameter that knob 1 adjusts? Most of those parameters don’t seem to do anything, does it depend on the bank or sound font?


this is just proof of concept.
the words “I got sound” was what i was waiting/hoping for
do you have FB or a page where we can RT chat?


Many thanks to Oweno for creating the wonderful Fluidsynth~ library installer.
I think his work gives us both flexibility and extends the power of organelle~/pd into using MIDI in a very interesting way!

I will be releasing a Fluidsynth~ patch to the community ASAP, this DEMO that hopefully will show everyone the immense power we will have access to relatively soon. The patch will be a template for others to simply replace and reload their own soundfonts and program them into amazingness. I will be creating a suite of tools with them as in days of yore: Synths, PADS, BASS, Percussion and SFX. I am thinking one of each to start out.

I will share two main issues at the get go to save EVERYONE some time.

1.) Loading and unloading a soundfont is not trivial. because we are sometimes loading/unloading several 100 MB soundfonts the transitions will never be 100% smooth, so i may install a delay function to reduce Panic/Crashes.

2.) Some Synths don’t turn off without an ADSR. Trust me. I spent like 8 hours struggling with this. And if my track record tells you anything 8 hours is a small eternity. I perhaps should read through the fluidsynth~ docs again. I thought it was a matter of controlling the generator function for notes but it’s either the wrong datastream of it wants an external ADSR, which would make sense but if it could be elegantly handled inside Fluidsynth~ i would be overjoyed.

more soon!


This is a VERY basic fluidsynth~ demo
A default soundfont is loaded at run time and the knobs will give you control over

PRESET: there should be 128 different sounds!

Generator: parameters to adjust some do not work don;t make yourself crazy

Generator Value: for the above

Keynum changes the quality of the sounds drastically

This is a DEMO, a baby step and an example of things to come.

This one loads a bank but very very specific ones exist for specific analog synths, gear, ethnic percussion & instruments, synth effects – lots of stuff!

Again, PatchStorage will not except these because of the size most of which is the soundfont itself
grab it while it’s hot:

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Can’t get sound!
Have successfully used the install patch, not sure what the issue could be.

i just tested on my clean organelle with Oweno’s install. It works there too.
Did you play the buttons? to see if it’s making sound? I know that sounds silly