Vintage Synth Series: Fairlight CMI: 2.2 Update


Here is the Fairlight CMI Vintage Synth Emulation
I have Added a State Variable Filter and a Simple RingModulator to the last three of this set

Aux1 or Footswitch changes the Soundfonts
Aux2 changes the reverbs
Aux4 i turns on/off the ring mod

Mind your Volumes when using the SVF the first time!!!

I think these sound really nice too

You need LADSPA & Fluid Synth installers

Playing with SVF Filter the First time. It’s new and there are a bunch of fun tweakable parameters between it andthe ring mod so i made a little video

I think we are going to remove the MOD page as it is un-needed with a bunch of these synths. Maybe we can have another poll as to what people might like to add as an effect.

I will have an update soon that mutes volumes while the soundfont loads so suggestion are welcome :slight_smile:

First, this sounds incredible. I’ve always wanted a Fairlight, and this really does sound just as good. Thank you!!

Question - is there a “manual” for these Fluidsynth patches? I’m a little late to the game and there’s some stuff I can’t figure out (like saving/recalling patches). Thanks again!

to save the states you navigate the menu up to save and save or save as new!

This patch, along with Prophet and Neuron sound veeeery low in my Organelle. With the volume at 100%, I can barely hear them. ARP, Proteus and Jupiter are working perfectly.

ah, i found the same thing, and then i turned up the frequency on one of the pages …

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Ahh, as the initial value of the frequency is 16, I didn’t realize it. Thank you!

I am going to roll out updates over the week so please play with them for like maybe an hour before posting that something does not work yet. but i have found several issues that are going to be fixed

Coming bug Fixes for OVSS [Organelle Vintage Synth Series]

These are current bugs that will be fixed for version 1.1 for all the synths

1.) All synths will mute for 1.5 seconds while switching soundfonts
2.) Bug in SVF resonance squashed
3.) Scaling for SVF fixed
4.) Classic ADSR page replaces un-needed LFO/MODS generators page
5.) Reverb on/off and reverb [0-44] selectors exchanged, pan parameter will replace Preset selector for synths w/o multibanks

specific: proteus [bank selection fixed + two new soundfont banks = 1024 presets
jupiter will get ADSR/SVF/REVERB pages

I will Add a version # to the Main Page so you know what version you have etc…
Thanks for all the feedback everybody!!!

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And as for a manual I will try to keep a running list of things you need to do. Most issues seem to be (when not a bug) that Organelle likes values to be initialized or else things are silent. Like turning on filters/ effects and it seems like when you load a new soundfont by pressing Aux button on page 1 or with a foot switch for the multi bank patches you need to select a preset before Sound will begin. Other than that I think most things are traditional Synthesis behaviors like filters and envelopes i am going to ask my friend Joe and see if he might like to make the online manual for the Vintage FLuidsynth Synths

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I got to play for a while late last night…

these are the issues I found:

  • The mod/lfo reset (aux) button , whilst updating the display, did not appear to reset the values
  • it sounded like, sometimes the values were not being initialised until the page was selected
    (cant remember if this was on of the synths or them all… id need to check, I just noticed when I went into a page the sound changed)… actually, id want to re-test that all values are corrected recalled on loading
  • main page - pitch (and modulation) weird scalling, 0 is at 3o’clock, should be at 12… also do you need so much range, its difficult to hit zero
  • preset… I think only works on some synths, where the sf has progs… should be limited to range available for those it exists on (I guess this is related to your (5))
  • main - aux button, should display on line 5 the current SF in use.
    ( I think probably should say something like ‘AUX: 1.wav’ to give the user a hint that AUX does something… would be good to always have line 5 state what AUX is doing_
  • tap_delay (proteus?) - again, some feedback that aux switches reverb model, and what reverb is currently selected… and ensure saved with patch, so value recalled when loading patch.
  • SF is not saved as part of the ‘save’ function e.g. I wanted to save a new variant of Jupiter with RolandSoundCanvas selected.
  • your hard coding usbdrive, prevents ‘save new’ working correct, or patched moved to directory… also this prevents ‘save new’ working (see point above) - as stated previously you can use /tmp/patch… and I think also relative names to patch works e.g. sf/1.wav if you prefer. (need to test this better, as I switched to use /tmp/patch)

sorry if this list is long, but I think they are all relatively small quirks… unfortunately as a programmer , these things tend to jump out at me.

if you make sure you fix the usbdrive one, then I’ll retest new releases…
( you’ll probably understand I don’t want to have to keep editing the patch to fix this one myself ;))

overall, I liked some of the soundfonts… especially once I turned off all the crazy modulation and turned down the reverb a bit :wink:
roland sound canvas in particular is a really nice ‘general purpose’ synth to have around.
as you say an adsr would be more generally useful…
(btw: do they all respond to velocity, with an external keyboard, I forgot to check )

Thanks for these the biggest issue i am having is with the init not working for the soundfonts without the full path in the init I have a random file chooser that does well by loading * in /sf and works to randomize files in the folder but i found when the full path is not in the init otherwise the SF does not load. i am going to look for a better solution. i am not familiar with /tmp/patch i am really not there yet. I am axing the LFO/MOD Page but after a month of research on those damn generators i wanted to test them a little. They are being replaced with a much more simple ADSR page. yeah the Sound canvas is nice, i found alot of the Soundfonts sound really nice and don’t need much. This week a bunch of tidying will go on. i wanted to organize the synths because literally there were thousand of Soundfonts to plow through and i had to finally choose about 20. and ideally what i wanted was 19 fancy ones and one BANK per synth. I agree the ranges need to be reduced and some of them have been applied for testing the fluidsynth documentation and the value scaling set ranges from like -1200 to 1200 i assume for cents so if you see i have one of each to see which ones work best.

i think there is a stable playlist abstraction i can try for the SFs before i employ a qlist or something i am going to have coffee and now that they work, the work begins so to speak.

they all should have a notein on the main note creator, and the Essl code is just fun and satisfys my serialism/second viennese school interests in the other synths.

ok well it took three hours but i have cracked the %$#@*&@^& annoying absolute path bullshit that Fluidsynth~ demands
These are times when i think being a complete and utter pd nerd is helpful.
I found an abstraction that is based on oh about 15 externals that Indexes the files in a folder and gives the WHOLE PATH and FILE NAME which solves two of the problems
So now users will be able to see what file is loaded on Line5 and if using Footswitch on any given line.
I am REALLY glad i renamed 1000 files 1-20.sf2 about now…
Anyway it works and i am testing with the proteus synth. I may post an interim version explicitly for testing to see if folks can save and save new
I have tweaked some things but it is not by any mean a complete one. I’ll start a thread probably

Just bug testing no wishlists please


So, I set page one to the preset # I want to save and then navigate to the menu to save the current setting in that preset spot? If so, how to I recall that preset? I tried simply setting the preset encoder to the same number, but nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong?

There will be updates to all the other Vintage Synths tonight. Presets are for the BANK presets not for setting them
i can change that to Voice so it’s not confusing

play with this one to tide you over

the fairlight will be fixed and up tonight



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I’m sorry I’m new to this. I downloaded the proteus zip and the LADSPA. Do I then drop the LADSPA into the proteus folder and put them into the organelle patch folder? What am I doing wrong.
Thanks alot!!

Copy the Install-LADSPA folder to Patchs, open it on your Organelle and press Aux to install.
Then you can use this patch.

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Do I then put the proteus zip inside the LADSPA folder? Thanks for your help!!

No, then just put it (proteus folder) on the Patches folder as any regular patch. Don’t forget to install this as well: Same method as LADSPA.

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