Organelle~ running csound


Hey! This is great news! I am going to have a class in Csound next semester. Good timing!

@shreeswifty any updates on Csound?

I just saw this today:

Its an “editor” in Csound that lets you load Nord modular patches into CSound and let you tweek them. Pretty cool :slight_smile:

Csound is available in the patreon

@Jaffasplaffa , csound is available on pacman, so should be easy to install.

[root@organelle2 ~]# pacman -Ss csound
community/csound 6.10.0-8
    A programming language for sound rendering and signal processing.

if your interested in actually following this up, then I could quickly create an installer so csound is available to everyone.

how do you plan to use it?
Personally, I think Id prefer to use csound outside of PD, as running PD consumes extra resources… and now with OS 3.0 , you can run patches made with anything

anyway, If there is genuine interest then i can take a look, its quick to do , but only worthwhile if someone is actually going to use it :wink:

btw: unfortunately, it looks like Python3 is broken on the organelle, so you wont be able to run the G2 converter on the Organelle, it’ll have to be done on your desktop…
(I’ll ensure its fixed for the ‘linux upgrade project’ , perhaps will also preinstall csound and a few others things ;))

Hey Patrick and Mark!

Thanks for the answers.

I was just curious about if it would be possible to run on Organelle. I got a Nord G2 so I all ready got some clavia sound covered in the studio :slight_smile:

regarding CSound , I dont know much about it, just thought that this looked like a cool thing :slight_smile:

So for me personally, @thetechnobear you don’t have to do anything about it, was just curious about it. But thank you for wanting to help :slight_smile:

yeah, I saw the same article in CDM the other day, and the same idea jumped into my head too :slight_smile:

however, whilst, I knew i could get Csound installed easily onto the Organelle (even if I had to build it myself).
my lack of familiarity with Csound, meant i was a little unsure how Id interface the controls of the patch with the LCD/Pots on the Organelle.

Id guess we could do this with the pd-csound object, and then use the PD stuff available, but I don’t like the overhead PD introduces.
so Id prefer to do it, as i did with SC, which is create some csound ‘objects’ that directly uses OSC to talk to mother host directly - this would necessitate me learning a bit of csound, and then looking a how to ‘patch in’ this G2 csound conversions… possible but not something I’ve got a lot of time for .
hence my comments about if someone else would like to get involved - so it could be more a community effort.

anyway, Im in the middle of a couple of other things at the moment, so if your not eager to jump in on this, then I’ll reconsider it later… and definitely consider putting csound into the ‘linux upgrade project’


yeah my G2 says Hi with all my old patches, but I don’t have what it takes to go near this…I think.
I’m around :wink:

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TO be honest I dont have any experience with CSound at all. But I thought that this might be a reason to look into it. Think I’ll just take it up on the laptop and be happy over there :slight_smile:


Csound works obviously though you can pac-man install it and start hacking away or play with some design patches so you have choices


What is the price of entry for access to csound on your patreon?

It’s tiered like all patreon and after next month it’s being revised to include Custom ETC, SuperCollider M4L and Organlle patches. We have a set of ETC pygame modes that are just astounding.

Send me a PM and i’ll get you some fun free pd/csound patches to play with with csound that get you going

Hello shreeswifty!

I would love to be running my Csound instruments and effects on my organelle M.

  • can you help me get things rolling?

Can I just run things as .csd files?
Do I need to use the csound6~ opcode and convert things into PD patches?

I would appreciate your advice and what you might be able to share.

Is there an installer?

Hope you are well. This is exciting news. I do love the Organelle M. Awesome.

Dr.B. (csounder)

Hello thetechnobear,

I don’t know if you ever created the Csound installer for the Organelle.

  • I hope that you did.

I love the Organelle M and I would love to be using Csound on it directly.

Any advice that you could offer would be great.

  • and, not only would I use it, but I would be using it to teach Csound at Berklee
  • I already show and use the unit in my Circuit-Bending class there and in my DSP class too
  • And, I have recommended it to many.

I just found out today, from my chairman Michael Bierylo, that you or others at Critter and Guitari are running Csound on the Organelle M. Hope so. And hope that there are some examples that you or others might be able to share about the process and about their progress.

Dr. B. (csounder)

I think Csound is already installed on the latest Organelle M OS, but I’ll have to double check… There should be a minor OS update coming soon anyway with some small fixes and I’ll take a look at the Csound situation too if it isn’t installed already.

Thanks! Please keep me posted. It’s a fantastic platform that will be even more amazing with Csound inside!

Dr. Richard Boulanger
Electronic Production and Design
Berklee College of Music