Sorry for being impatient, but have you had a chance to look at this yet? :smiley:


sorry no… keep forgetting, Ive been having fun getting monome norns working on a rPI… so that keeps distracting me from the Organelle :wink:


sounds fun! :smiley:


@ghostly606 @paleontologist , sorry for the delay, but new version uploaded with fix

@ghostly606 , yeah, its a bit crazy on my desk at the moment, is strewn with with little computers …loads of little projects all tinkering away. they are all making progress, but as soon as I near completion on one, I have another idea and start a new one.
Ive just got a couple of finishing touches on what Im doing with Norns, then its back to Orac 1.1 …


All sorted!! :smiley: A bit laggy but perfectly usable, you’re a star @thetechnobear!


for me its usually pretty good… though I only use for development or for video’ing, not ‘playing’ - in all my videos, is use it as I can capture the mac screen - and I don’t think its notice it in the videos.

however, I know someone else was saying that when they use remote X11 that it was really laggy, but again this is not something I see…

so I think its a networking router or wifi thing… some are getting better performance than others.

interestingly enough, Ive had a couple of times (probably 4 times, in 6+ months), where my network is really slow, and yeah oscproxy and x11 are virtual unusable, but because its so infrequent, Ive just rebooted the mac and network router and this cures it for me.
(ive tried rebooting the organelle, but that makes no difference)