Using OSC to control Organelle?

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I have been working with the app called TouchOSC the last few days, running it on an Android tablet and controlling PD on my Mac.

This app:

This works really great. Tonight I tried to use it to control the Organelle, which I was not able to get working.

What do I need to do on the Organelle, for it to have its own Ip adresse that I can log into from the Android tablet?

I tried using the “start AP” in wifi and then tried to log in from the Tablet to that ip-adresse, but I did not succeed. “start AP” creates an ip-adresse for Organelle, right?

I got all the right externals installed and loaded in the patch but it seems like nothing is received on the Organelle end.

Anyhow, have anyone successfully managed to control Organelle via OSC?

@thetechnobear ?


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Start AP configures the Organelle as an access point (creates its own wifi network called Organelle), so you would have to connect the tablet to that network, then point TouchOSC to the Organelles IP address (check the Info menu to see the IP)

The other option is connect the Organelle to an existing network, the same one the tablet is connected to. then there is nothing more to do, just check the Info screen for the IP to use.

the [udpreceive] object in the patch will also have to be listening on the correct port (this should also be a setting in TouchOSC)

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Thank you @oweno!

I am pretty sure I did (most) of those steps, setting up ip adresse on Organelle and I also tried using the network I use for everything else… But I probably missed something somewhere. I will try again :slight_smile:


I got it working from Pd from Macbook to Organelle now. Which is fine for me :slight_smile:

If someone is interested trying it out here is a basic setup:

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