Override for knob values


i need some info on override for my knob values
can someone point me to it so i can employ it in my new patch?


maybe override is not what i need? I want the knob values to stay set when pages are changed and but i am using the pagination/demux for pages/knobs so i do not think override is what i want. Anyone else have a suggestion?

i am finding [change] which i guess i’ll try

Internally (in mother.pd) the Organelle uses an [override] abstraction for suppressing the knobs in the presence of MIDI CC. You can also trigger the override manually by a bang to [s knob1Override]. This will suppress all messages on knob1 until you move it a little bit. some more detail on this thread:

Also, been working on an OS update that will let patches utilize the selector wheel, so a patch can have its own little menu. Hoping this will provide standard for multiple pages while saving the aux button for other uses…

that would be very nice!

have you tried the override.pd piece of code from grids_PD? It’s also in all of my patches with pages.
It does a pretty great job at keeping values between pages, but occasionally i’ll have trouble with it resetting the first time it goes into a page.
By the way your patches are amazing

Hi oweno !
I found about the future encoder usage on github today (was about to make the mod myself), it is very exciting news ! How would you manage to go back to the main menu ? Long press on the encoder ?

The way it is working: your patch sends a bang to take control of the encoder [s enableSubMenu]. Then it is responsible for handing control back to the underlying menu program with a bang [s goHome]. The patch can do whatever it wants with the encoder and screen. We have a simple 5 page menu as proof of concept, where the last menu item returns to the main menu. The long press is a good idea too, but there is a long debounce delay when the encoder is released that makes it sorta unworkable for this…

If you want to try it, I just put up an update patch in the Github patch dev repository:

Just run the patch like any other. When it starts it will prompt you to press Aux button, then it will update and shutdown.

Also in the dev repository is a patch utilizing the menu:

The OS v1.3 also has added Save and Save New to the System menu. You can setup a patch so that it can save anything using this mechanism, like recorded samples, pages of parameters, recorded sequences, etc…


This is very promising. The screen refresh is waaaay faster than it was with v1.0 ! The page/encoder system works well. Also, good job on the weighted average filtering of the pots !
The deploy script worked okay. I had the weird menu bug and had to move some patches. Is it just me or does my Organelle sounds louder on v1.3?
Can we expect that all these changes will stay ? I can’t wait to update the O-knob and start to patch other ideas !

I’m glad it worked. What was the menu bug exactly? There is still the problem with not being able to have more than 118 or so patches in the menu, but this is another fix on the list for the v2.0 release, which is very close now. Probably I’ll set max to a thousand patches which is more than would ever be practical anyway.

Most of the big parts (saving, the patch menu, and running arbitrary System scripts from the USB drive) are working and shouldn’t change. The state saving stuff ends up being simple from a patching point of view. The knob values are stored in the patch folder automatically (as knobs.txt). To have other resources saved (e.g. sound or sequence files), write them to the “/tmp/state” folder. The contents of this folder gets copied to the current patch folder when you Save and copied to the new patch folder when you Save New.

Yeah, I was very happy with the screen and knob smoothing improvements, it definitely looks better. Also long patch names are truncated instead of cut off (so you can see first and last part of the name)


Yes that was the 118 patches issue. Keep up the good work ! <3

Fantastic news and sounds like more to come. Can’t wait to try it. :smiley:

How do you download an entire directory from github? Wanna try it, will probably go to the raw files and download each one by one anyway but for future ref…