First Organelle patch! - Simple Strings

Hello, everyone! Looks like I beat you to the punch, I have submitted (what I believe is) the very first non-critter Organelle patch. I hope you like it, it’s a really simple pad / strings patch. I learned PureData over the last few days just for this, so I’m sure it’s not perfect. Preview over here: Download at:


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Sounds great! Thanks for sharing… I see the Aux button is labeled ‘Page’… does this mean there are more params to come ?:slight_smile:

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Nice!! I really like the detuned sounds.

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Woops, I forgot I left that there, oweno! :slight_smile: Certainly could be more parameters coming. One problem I had is that there is some bounce in the knobs, so if you switch pages while the knob is between integers, it will bounce back and forth, which can cause unintentional parameter changes on the wrong page. So I probably will add more parameters, once I figure out a good way to de-bounce the input.


Just uploaded a quickie (but great!) plate reverb patch here: and demo here:


Ah yes, switching pages would cause unwanted parameter updates because the knobs are always fluctuating a little… The mother patch contains a sub-patch that might help. It was made for MIDI CC messages overriding the knob values, but might work here too. You feed the knob value in the left inlet, then a bang in the right inlet will ‘lock’ the knob until it has changed a certain amount, given by the first argument. So when when you change pages, you could send a bang to lock them to suppress the fluctuating values… check it: override.pd (1.4 KB)

lovely reverb! thanks for sharing.

@msghmr, the reverb sounds great! did you compile the freeverb~ object, or did you find it somewhere else?

@oweno, thanks for that patch!! I’ll check it out for sure. I compiled the freeverb~ object, right on the organelle. I just copied the source over, typed “make”, presto! Great idea including gcc right on the box, makes things super easy. I’m really loving the thought you put into the OS. Great job! :smile: