OX-7 DX-7 for Organelle

I am wondering if there is any interest in a DX7 for organelle?
in 2001 Frank created a Pure Data DX7 emulator that was just FABULOUS and i will endeavor to update it for the Organelle if Folks are interested in it. I am gong to test to see if the Organelle can handle it but it’s a 7 voice algorithm FMsynthesizer similar to the DX/TX81z (sort of] synthesizer based on the work of John Chowning

Yes? No? should we have a poll? or has one already been created?


oh, I like a bit of FM :slight_smile: … not had a look at what is available for organelle yet.
but ox7 (pdx7) sounds like a great idea.

I think the real challenge is the UI, 6ops with envelopes is a lot of parameters, to change with 4 pots.
perhaps looking at the volca FM might given some inspiration… (note: I don’t have one, so pure speculation )

when thinking about this, I also thought, … being able to import dx7 files could be a huge bonus, so you can bring in presets, then just tweak them. (much more feasible on a small screen), as can be done on the volcaFM

so I did a bit of searching, and BAM … found Hexter

now I doubt this can be ported ‘as is’ to Organelle with much success (perhaps it can, but that’s not my thoughts ;))
no, my idea is… rip its heart out, and use this to create a new synth… without the UI/DSSI/GTK dependencies, just the raw dsp and dx7 sysex code, and then put this either into a standalone synth, or into a PD external … which will just provide the ‘glue’ ui code.

of course, I recognise this is probably more work, but also would probably be quite cpu efficient, and also provide dx7 patch loading.
(I also admit my guilty preference for doing more code in C/C++ due to my limited PD patching skills :wink: )

note: ive not tried hexter, so I don’t know how good it sound, others have said it sounds good though.
(its apparently also used in ‘cute-vst’)

anyway, this may not be interesting to you , but I thought Id ‘raise it up the flag pole’ …

p.s if its interesting, it might be something I can lend a hand on… though not for a few weeks.

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ONe vote yes! I think even just the 32 preset dx7 patches would be phenomenal but if we could load actual dx7 patches I’d be thrilled.

Raises hand to the sky

I’ll always have a soft spot for yamaha fm (had great memories using a tx7 the past few yrs)

Any adaption to fit organelle would be exciting!

I used Hexter quite well several years ago when i was only linux for AUDIO/VIDEO, it was great with jack but really with pd it’s just a fun xtra processor. I used hexter with ghostess and it was nice.

Maybe with you’re C++ Skills you can get ghostess to work inside pd and THEN
we could acces ALL the DSSI plugins! Now THAT would be BAD ASS. please consider it :slight_smile:

have you grabbed this?

it’s really great if you have C/C++ skills. I used to own it but i loaned it to a student and it poofed. For this synth i really wanted to keep it within Pd and not be beholden to sysex or any other file format. that was going to be another loader addition that we can’t expand [or just casual users couldn’t change]

I currently have 32 DX7 presets and i am leaving the Algo editor in the patch for people to make their own and for me to create a signature set after i iron the bugs.

It has a 16 step sequencer mapped to the first 16 buttons and i am considering how to implement midi clock i really liked owenos last Distributor patch so i will use that code after we get some feedback on it.

The annoying thing is that with the sequencer i eat up 4 pages of menus i would love an assist possibly with a sub menu(s) that would be appreciated if your not into the ghostess challenge maybe we can chat privately and not bore everyone ha!

So after the 4 pages of note values the other 4 pages go quick so i am going to definitely appreciate some feedback. I’ll post it soon hopefully

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i have translated the 32 presets into Pd code.


+1 for FM everything

ok before i post this i want to share that this patch is a first step.
It’s crafted for users to assign notes to a 16 step sequencer but it’s setup to work well with an external MIDI device. For me i used a Ableton Push and i set up the patch to record the steps for you. on the individual pages 1-4 the AUX button takes on different roles that randomize the Oscillator algorithims, envelope and index functions.

I am working on how to make it more user friendly but because of the algos it creates a huge amount of parameters.

What i am hoping for is suggestions AFTER folks play with it so i can craft it for usability. There will be bugs but i am hopeful as more people tweak and play with it we will arrive at a nice OX-7 synth :slight_smile:


1+ for pdX7

not quite sure what ghostess buys us… it seems to be a minimal DSSI GTK host, the GTK is no value (given we need to go to the OLED, and rendering gtk to 126x64 is not much use) .
so why not just build a minimal DSSI host for Organelle?
I saw that there was a DSSI~ external, is the source for this available?

but I’m not convinced that’s the right approach anyway, the issue is, a plugin with lots of parameters is going to be very tricky to navigate on a small screen, regardless of how we improve the navigation (e.g. hierarchical menus)

its an interesting dilemma, perhaps the approach is to ‘save presets’ in a PD GUI, then access in organelle, and tweak - but I’m not sure… my ideas (perhaps given my naivety around organelle) are not yet fully developed.
I guess at the moment, I’m thinking its better to build custom ‘instruments’ for Organelle… with custom UIs, but building on the DSP code already out there… well just an idea :slight_smile:

Audio Programming Book, interesting… do you have a contents list for it?
My ‘issue’ with many of these books is they tend to either cover stuff I’m ‘happy’ with ( C++/C, DSP concepts) , or are really maths heavy (ive some great DSP books on filters/waveguides, but they give me nightmares :wink: ) - I’m not sure there is a middle ground, I think I probably just need to improve my higher level maths.

Ghostess buys us DSSI support and we run it with either a ghostess.pd_linux or from command line with the shell object and gives us possible access to the DSSI synths. Again, that was a quick idea related to what you shared and may. It be possible. I’m fighting a head cold so I have not done any research on it today but I’ll browse around and most things (within reason) in Linux will usually operate on command line and maybe access to the synths.

Ox-7.zip (283.4 KB)

This is the 0x-7 ALPHA a DX-7 clone for Organelle

The Menus are self-explanatory
the AUX buttons change based on the page, Page1 shoudl start/stop the sequencer
Aux2 should randomize the oscillators, Aux3 the Algos and Aux4 the indices, i will create a help file as it progresses

this patch works really well with midi in, maybe a little better :slight_smile:

please remember this is an ALPHA, i wanted to post it just to see if it works on others organelles
the 32 DX-7 algos are in the presets on page 5 and you can press aux to bang the preset for some unusual sounds


Some really great sounds in here! Nice job.

Yes, the challenge as always is fitting this stuff into the Organelle, when faced with so many parameters, deciding which ones or emphasize or leave out all together. Trying to manage all the parameters on the Organelle would be cumbersome I agree. Something that loaded presets and then let you tweak some a of the important params, or a mini series of DX style patches that explored the different spaces… focusing on the playability over of the tweakability.

@shreeswifty, the step sequencer is cool… I wonder if there is a way to implement that didn’t eat up so many param pages? this could free up some space in the menu.

i really like it too. This version i was really interested in just getting it operational. I am TOTALLY open to any suggestions but the last time i had to deal with so many parameters i had to resort to “route” I have already done the code i just need to pull it out. i also did a grid system i am going to pull out. i think this one is worth it

Excited to try this out this weekend, very interested by the sequencer idea. how’s the arp2600 coming along? I printed a buncha PDFs on PureData and started watching some vids so hopefully I’ll be able to contribute a bit by the end of the year!

I notice a long delay from when I press a key to where I hear sound, do you experience this too? all I changed was adding a [r notes] so it would play from Organelle keyboard…

I had not been using it that way yet. So I can’t comment yet. I was testing it with a midi input and it was working very nice. I don’t know why that would change the speed the notes are played it could be where you added it perhaps?

But honestly it was not wired to play with r notes yet. I’ll look

did you perhaps not change the rise and fall values? that’s all i can gather

just tested it. attach the r notes to the makenote? works as expected here --no latency