Patch Idea.. dub siren

the idea is to create a dub siren for the organelle based on Benidub DS71

i set out to develop this patch for the organelle, but i had never used pure data before, (boy was i in way over my head) i tried for days but to no avail, it’s just way too much to take onboard. so i have decided to post the idea up here to see if anyone would be interested in developing it.

These are the main controls:


  • Knob 1 = tune (set audio oscillator base frequency)
  • Knob 2 = decay (decay control)
  • Knob 3 = depth (modulation depth control)
  • Knob 4 = rate (modulation rate control)


  • C# = filter frequency sweep (select between: off, ascending, descending)
  • D# = sweep mode (select between: filter, filter and tune)
  • F# = bank switch (select between: bank 1, bank 2)
  • C = Set LFO mod wave type to: sine (sine2)
  • D = Set LFO mod wave type to: square (square2)
  • E = Set LFO mod wave type to: saw down (saw down2)
  • F = Set LFO mod wave type to: saw up (saw up2)

(parenthesis on C,D,E,F keys show bank 2 selections)

  • Aux button = triggers audio oscillator

Secondary controls can be added later on:

  • A# = switches screen between main and oscilloscope
  • G# = switches audio oscillator triggering on/off when selecting LFO mod wave type (this would allow instant audio when you select the wave type, like the Benidub DS71)
  • Ext trigger = triggers audio oscillator (eg, footswitch)
    (these would need the UI example below)

UI example:

| tune …hz ___ sawd2 | <— (wave type display: sine1, squa1, sawd1, sawu1, sine2 etc)
| decay …ms__ ascnd | <— (sweep type display: off, ascnd, dscnd)
| depth …% ______ f+t | <— (sweep mode dispay: f, f+t)
| rate …ms _______on | <— (G# on/off switch display: on, off)


  • audio oscillator is square
  • the key notes i refer to correspond to the notes on left hand side of organelle keyboard
  • tuning range so it can’t go crazy high or crazy low
  • rate range so it doesn’t completely stop or go too fast
  • decay range from 5ms (so no click)
  • 5ms or so of attack (so no click)

the idea was to get the basic patch done, but these were other ideas for ver2:

  • more wave types on “white” keys/ banks
  • access to an FX page utilising one of the “black” keys (delay, reverb, phasor)

I can’t remember the patch name, but there is a dub siren type patch which will already do most of what you want, it has selectable waveform, LFO etc and can do all kinds of siren sounds, I was playing around with it the other day on one of my cards, pretty sure it was from patchstorage, if I find it again I will post the name.