Patch Request: Polybeats REC32V

So I really dig the rhythmic sampling ability in Morphagene patches and the like and I think this idea would be really cool:

I’ve tried to marry these two together without success and am looking for a spot of help/do all the work for me (ha)

Idea is basically:

Page one: Sampler
1: Sample Speed -/+ 200%
2: Mono/Poly
3: Decay %
4: Monitor vol % (Separate from straight audio in that feeds the sampler)
Aux 1: Activates REC mode, select a key to start recording after audio threshold is met

Page two: Polybeats DRG32V
(Screenlines as usual)
Aux 2: Clear sequence

Page three: 13FX
2: (As usual)

Page four:
1: Sequence vol: %
2: Monitor vol % (doesn’t hurt to have this on both pages)
3: Rec function on/off (If you want to keep the sample set you have - this could be like a child lock)
4: FX Monitor/FX Monitor + Sequence/FX Sequence

Whaddayasay patchers? Please not ‘do it yerself ya noob’ @shreeswifty lol :wink:

do it yours…oops

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I only just downloaded the Github Modules_Master files. Should make things a bit easier, maybe :slight_smile:

Am I right in thinking I could use Xfader3 to Mix the FX sends for Page 4 Screenline 4 I.e. ‘FX Monitor/FX Monitor+Sequencer+FX Sequencer’