Morphagene Re-write

Hi folks i had to crash that Honda

the new version based on Katja Vetter’s awesome DSP theories is up on Patch storage
It should be a little more faithful to the original but with 4 “splices” to play, Tempo, compander, reverb and a filter.

The first playing key [60] starts/stops the sequencing

enjoy & of course as always feedback is welcome



Here is a version of the patch with MIDI sync enabled, planning on using this a lot for improvised sprinklings during a dancey live set - syncd to beats.

I either couldnt find a BPM object or couldn’t figure out the routing for tempo and metronome in RAIME, BASH_TEST, bassemu or BLEEPCNTROL. If you guys send me your paypal in a pm i’ll gladly pay for someone to fix these up for me so they receive midi bpm sync.


Thanks for this midi version. One of my favorite organelle patches I’ve dug in to so far. Hoping to try to extend the pseudo cv/gate cc sync stuff at some point in the far off once I’ve got my head around PD. Seems like the OKontrol (hope I remembered name of that right?) could open it up too. Multiple pages of params automated from octatrack would be killer :slight_smile: and Sampling from inputs would be amazing too.

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keep me abreast there is also someone who just contacted me privately who did a new version i am hoping he or she sees this and will respond.

I am really happy you all are digging this patch. It is NOT an exact translation of the Tom Erbe code but an approximation and i think it still kind of holds up, so i am overjoyed to see this stuff honestly.


if he or she would like to send me that new version they have made at I promise to send flowers x

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Also you know I’m not sure if you revised your version on Patchstorage or what but I recently redownloaded so I could have a non-midified version with the knob for BPM and found that it actually did sync via MIDI perfectly. If I hounded you for weeks for something that was already there Patrick, I am hopelessly sorry.

i think it’s because of changes in the o/s that made midi easier but i also went and added a simpler sync

it’s all good


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Hi guys, this patch is sick, thanks @shreeswifty!
I need help with just one thing: when changing menu page with aux button, all parameters and numbers are replaced by the labels “1st Screen Message” or “2nd Screen Message” or “3rd Screen Message”. These labels suddenly disappear when moving the related parameters knob, but it seems to be a default setting because they come out every time i change menu page.
Do you know how to fix this? I just want the parameters to be always under my sight :slight_smile:

Hello @FunkyTurkey and @Wannop

I am the person @shreeswifty was referring to. I will post my changes here, and if you guys like them you can convince shree to update it on patchstorage.

I made a few changes:

  1. Tuned playback speeds: I found the controls to get exactly 1, or 1.5 really difficult, so I’ve made each control jump 1/12 of an integer, so it can now be tuned more into anything that fits into the chromatic scale. I also slightly changed the knob ranges

  2. Added extra presets: cause it is fun an easy

  3. made playback slice length variable. I found that 150ms was nice but limiting, so it’s now a range in between 100 - 2000 ms. It adds for a lot more variability in sound imo. Contentiously I removed the control for the bitflip to make way for the slice length. Personally I found that it didn’t quite fit with the rest of the feel of the patch.

  4. Made it possible to control if the samples interrupt each other on the fly (the lowest D, E and F notes on the keyboard change this and a message appears

  5. changed the ‘screen message’ to what you are actually changing. Unfortunately it’s hard to get it to show the previous value, but at least you know what you’re changing

Also @Wannop, for some reason I reckon that if you halved the midi clock time into the organelle for this patch it might sound nicer? This patch can be very frantic at higher bpms. Something to consider

I’ll upload it tonight


That’s fantastic news man, thanks so much if you do plan to share this :slight_smile:
I agree you’re right about clock speed vs slice playback, sounds much more rhythmic at lower tempos. Shree has pointed me to a clock divider module in automatonism - also remember there is one in Jeraphy too I think so might look at that tonight. Warning: I can’t patch PD yet so my efforts may be shite.


rock on

this makes me so happy

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let me know if it works for you


It’s GOOD! Damn good! Hero status. Now to figured out the Mididom and adapt this one. I can’t wrap my head around the clock divider in Automatomism, it’s not deisgned for BPM I don’t think… and the one in Jeraphy is more like a multiplier i think. Still looking into it.
Edit: Does sound much better midi divided by two. Got that working :slight_smile:
Now, going to use a spare key to cycle through messages 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6 dividing BPM coming from mastermetronome.pd Hopefully it works. How do I receive a bang from a specific organelle note?

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@Wannop, if you have my zip file open, and open main.pd, you’ll see [r notes] -> … -> [sel 60 62 64 65]

60 is low C, 61 is C# etc up the key board. You can see that C, D, E and F are being listened to. If you put in an extra number there, then hook up the second to last outlet to whatever you want (including a bang), you are now listening to the pressing of that note.

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boom bap bang bang
cool! thanks dude

Haaalp. I’m stuck.

without knowing what this is supposed to do:

[sel 60 62 64 65 83] outputs a bang… this is feeding into [route 0 1 2 3], which won’t do anything.

it is supposed to be a BPM cock divider. That route thingy was copied from some example a guy made on an obscure forum. It’s supposed to toggle between those different BPM divisions when it hears note 83 from the organelle keyboard. 1 2 3 4 6 will divide the BPM by those fractions… someday

HA… keeping that typo (8.0 KB)
from Johan’s Automatonims, clock dividers

replace with that “obscure forum code” with THIS obscure forum code :slight_smile:

Ah, I need a [t b b b b b] instead of the weird [route 1 2 3 4]
Always bangs from right to left yes? Does it cycle this behaviour back to the first bang? I’d like it to go back and forth ideally so I’ll create duplicates for some divisions (Whole, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2)
Any tips on banging the divider number values on the message boxes to screenline 5, preceded by “Beat Division:” ?

This behaviour would def be better handled by a knob but it’s taking me all day to figure this out… Urgh.

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