Drum sequences with own samples

Hi there,

I’m wondering if it is possible to create a sequence mode in the Sample Style Rec patch.
And I was also wondering if you can load own samples in the Pow Pow’s polybeats.

Thanks a lot!

I’m pretty sure loading your own samples to PPPBs would require placing your own .wav samples into the .wav folder of that patch file, replacing Pow Pows. I would think you would need to copy the existing samples length perfectly and I think there’s a bit / Hz requirement.

If your . wavs weren’t the same length I don’t know if patch would glitch, not care or do something unexpectedly cool…?

And a sequence mode would require copy and pasting a sequence mode from one of the other samplers into the same spot in whatever patch main.pd file you want to edit. Could be done without a computer I believe

Changing the sounds in Poly Beats is pretty easy. As long as the samples are 44.1 KHz and 16bit .wav files, they will just work. The patch will adjust the sample buffers depending on how long the samples are. They also have to be named 1.wav, 2.wav, etc…

Thanks for answering… I was interested as well. So you’re saying if I loaded all 30 second samples or whatever, PPPBs will sequence them and not cut them off? Or will it automatically adjust. Can’t wait to try this tonight with some stagnant field recording samples

the polybeats would be cool if it could sample and playback the recorded samples in one patch… maybe on a second aux page, opened with the low C (one less sample)?

Although I can’t answer your question directly for my Pd experience is very minimal, in theory—> you should be able to edit a sample patch to combine with POWs POWs poly beats. I don’t know exactly how it would work since PPPBs already uses the aux to clear voices, and I don’t know what would happen with CPU usage within a patch with that much happening but it should be possible by figuring out how to combine patches …